Erm, it is exercising, isn’t it?

People spend more time sitting on the toilet each week than exercising, study finds

15 thoughts on “Erm, it is exercising, isn’t it?”

  1. @Thomas Fuller – it depends on your diet. Studies show the weight loss benefits of a high protein diet are partially due to the calories burned in trying to shit out the detritus of a 56 ounce ribeye every day.

  2. Well, I just started my week with 55 minutes in the gym. I will sit on the bog once a day for about two minutes a time.
    I reckon that puts me at the bottom end of the distribution. (Sorry – pun not intended).

  3. Easy, just call your toilet the ‘Jim’, instead of the ‘John’.

    Then tell people at the office;

    “I had a few beers last night so went to the Jim really early this morning.”


    “After my curry on Saturday I spent a couple of hours in the Jim on Sunday”.

    Impresses the co-workers no end.

  4. @ SMFS
    I’ve seen people on their ‘phone while jogging (they were jogging – I was walking). I steered well clear.

  5. As I get older I tend, more and more, to sit down to pee in order to allow time for the last dribbles from my bladder to force their way past my swollen prostate. This means that although I go for one or two half-hour walks each day, I could well be approaching the ‘more time spent on the bog than exercising” threshold.

    Mind you, if I count the time I spend manually draining my prostate two or three times a week as exercise, I’m probably on the ‘good’ side of the equation.

  6. Many years ago I had a job as a test engineer in an electronics factory. There was a pneumatic but particularly bubble-headed secretary who one day squeaked to her friends in the canteen that she’d lost two pounds that weekend. On hearing this my mate Yad Lowcey the Dyslexic Technician (possibly the funniest bloke I ever met) roared loud enough for everyone to stop mid-chew: “Two pounds?! I lost more than that having a shit this morning!” Bubble Head turned vermilion while everyone else fell about.

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