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Nationalism is not rational.

Me and mine against the rest ain’t rational? When we’re descended from those for whom this worked?

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  1. Murphy is one stop after East Ham but I particularly liked the introduction to this nonsense:

    This comment was posted on the blog yesterday:

    Dear Richard,

    I have read a certain amount of your articles and you seem to speak with a certain amount of knowledge and authority, and therefore I wish to pose a direct question to you. Who does benefit from Brexit?, it seems clear who the losers will be but who are the likely winners?

    I thought that a fascinating question

    I wonder whether it occurred to the tuberous loon that somebody might read “a certain amount of [his] articles” meaning that he can’t ever finish reading one of them?

  2. Political concepts arent rational by defintion, they are metaphysical value judgements on which rational analysis may be put upon.

    However this means pretty much most of Ritchie’s ideas and values arent rational either, so…….

  3. Nationalism is not rational.

    Has he mentioned this to his future SNP paymasters?

    In their case, unlike the Lib Dems, the clue IS in the name.

  4. Nationalism, and even tribalism, seems to be very popular indeed in the duskier parts of the world. Is he suggesting that people of relatively high melanin are not rational?

    Asking for a friend…

  5. That bit where Spud talks about dogmatic nationalists wanting Brexit but then goes on to say that nationalism is not dogmatic is interesting, even though it makes no sense. A Venn diagram would clear that up

  6. “Nationalism is not rational”
    Except when it’s dressed up as ‘progressive protectionism’ of course, when the Snippa under pressure from the excellent Ironman said
    “I cannot see benefits to unlimited freedom of movement for individuals”

  7. doesn’t it all depend on which end of the gun barrel you are looking at?
    And there are some very large militaries who might give you an argument.

  8. Nationalism is not rational.

    In my experience the people saying this will be fanatically tribal and exclusionist in other areas of life.

  9. It’s probably based on the same misunderstanding of the meaning of “rational” that leads people to think that humans aren’t rational.
    “Rational” doesn’t mean a precise algorithm that works out every truth in a morally-laudable manner (if only it isn’t interrupted). It just means it works often enough for other decision-makers to pick it up, whether those decision-makers already exist or are created as part of the “rational” process.

  10. Can’t stop saying “Nationalism is not rational” in Spud Murphy’s voice (the Trainspotting Spud, not wor Snippa)

  11. Makes you think:

    The world’s least stressful cities
    1. Stuttgart, Germany
    2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
    3. Hanover, Germany
    4. Bern, Switzerland
    5. Munich, Germany
    6. Bordeaux, France
    7. Edinburgh, UK
    8. Sydney, Australia
    9. (tie) Graz, Austria and Hamburg, Germany
    The world’s most stressful cities
    1. Baghdad, Iraq
    2. Kabul, Afghanistan
    3. Lagos, Nigeria
    4. Dakar, Senegal
    5. Cairo, Egypt
    6. Tehran, Iran
    7. Dhaka, Bangladesh
    8. Karachi, Pakistan
    9. New Delhi, India
    10. Manila, Philippines

  12. Nationalism is not less rational than any other Love , dream or longing, we are not composed of equations . It is, on the other hand , a stupid thing to be excessively concenred about and it is ,in its curret form ,not that old an idea.
    The only parts of this island anyone adnortes voted remnan . The stupid old Daily Mail and Sun reading parasites voted for Brexit .
    I am ashamed of them

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