Err, Rilly?

Frank Field, the chairman of the Commons work and pensions committee, tells me universal credit will bring back destitution to Britain for the first time since the foundation of the welfare state. Not poverty, but real destitution, where our fellow citizens have no legal means of obtaining money.

Not an allegation I believe I’m afraid.

For I’m really very certain indeed that there will be no laws against getting a job, accepting charity. Really very certain indeed.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well it might if it comes with a reduction of the civil service.

    Because that is full of people incapable of any sort of useful work at all. What do you do with a laid off lesbian bereavement officer? I mean, there’s only so much porn and to be honest that sort of porn is best done by non-lesbians.

  2. ‘It deems them no more worthy of an opinion on the welfare state that rules and increasingly wrecks their lives than it deems schoolchildren worthy of an opinion on the national curriculum.’

    Oh, yeah, government listens to us all the time. It’s only ‘the poor™’ they don’t listen to.

    ‘Universal credit is a shambles because the poor are ignored’ – Nick Cohen

    Notice that Nick didn’t tell us he went out and talked to poor people.

    ‘the welfare state that rules and increasingly wrecks their lives’

    Right, then, time for it to go.

  3. Destitution already happening because of the 2 child rule. I dealt with one this week, Netherlands national, single with 5 children ( but born in Sierra Leone and granted refugee status ).
    Comes to UK 2 months ago and just found out that she does qualify for benefits under EEA rules because she works just enough to pay NI contributions, but she gets 2/5th of the child tax credits she expected.
    Still, her predicament is easily resolved. A bit of help from the BRC and the religious community. Then go back home, and do your research next time.

  4. but she gets 2/5th of the child tax credits she expected.

    And that is enough for “destitution”? £40 per week?

    She works, she gets benefits (Housing, Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, at least), and she gets £34.40 per week in child benefit?

    Poor, disadvantaged, “I wouldn’t want to live that way”? I’ll grant you all those. But “destitute”?

    And to pre-empt the flood. Where are the bloody fathers?

  5. Universal Credit is a good idea in principle (one transparent and easily calculated benefit) that is totally fucked up in implementation (I suspect foul play)

    There is no benefit payable for the first seven days.

    Any entitlement will not be paid for at least four weeks after the seven day waiting period (and it is more usually between five and seven weeks after the waiting period for first payment).

    Claimants have no way of working out what they will be entitled to before they are notified nor can they verify the amount is correct even if not subject to sanctions.

    Claims can be sanctioned without notice at any time for a fairly arbitrary set of reasons (usually the first the claimant knows is a payment due doesn’t arrive).

    The sooner the DWP is replaced with a simple computer and the entire workforce sacked without notice or pensions the better.

  6. @ BobRocket
    The callous incompetence of a minority of DWP staff is unchanged but all the bad effects visible are being blamed on Universal Credit instead of maladministration. Failures under the current system are just as common but don’t get headlines because it doesn’t suit the media.

  7. john77,

    ‘The callous incompetence of a minority of DWP staff’

    whether it is corporate/individual malice/incompetence is too difficult to tell, sack the lot and let their god sort them out.

  8. @ BobRocket
    No, just sack the malicious and/or grossly incompetent minority.
    Those who worship Serwotka are all included in those groups.

  9. The DWP’s previous incarnation, the DHSS, was universally know as the Department of Stealth and Total Obscurity.

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