Err, yes

It’s easy to attack the person and not the idea. I see the right doing it all the time, but I am certain the left is not exempt. And Laura Kuenssberg has suffered. You may not like her. You may not like her opinion. You may not like the BBC. And you can say all three. That’s fair. But as for personal attacks, they’re way out of bounds.

I am not saying I always get everything right: far from it. But when people accuse me (usually but not always from the right) of censoring this blog what they’re actually saying is I keep those who abuse off it. Damned right I do. And I have every intention of continuing to do so.

Keeping the comments which show what an idiot I am off my blog is exactly the same as a BBC reporter needing a bodyguard at a political party conference.

Candidly, it is.

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  1. Well, he could have simply published the abuse he claims I heaped upon him to prove his point.

    Like for example the one question post that asked “which law is Uber breaking” in reponse to his claim that I have no respect for the rule of law.

    Or, he could have answered any of the questions I asked him in the one post he mainly left untouched.

    The reason I don’t moderate comments on my blog is because I’m confident of my logic and, if it’s proven false, happier still to learn why.

  2. Remember Murphy is the man who managed to make concentration camps all about himself.

    Equating a BBC reporter needing a bodyguard with people pointing out the errors in his logic is easy for a man with that self-aggrandisement.

  3. translated as :

    “Laura Kuenssberg is in the media and needs a bodyguard; I would like to be in the media and be important enough to warrant a bodyguard. This makes me just the same as Laura, who frequently asks me for comments”

  4. William of Ockham

    Welcome to the club – most of us here have been banned for life and though I can use a separate Pseudonym to get through (assuming he is not going through one of his periodic crackdowns on ‘trolls’) to be honest it really is not worth engaging him. In order to have a proper debate both parties need to be intellectually capable of recognising a mistake and changing opinion. Given Murphy considers any ”criticism’;, however mild ‘trolling’ and ‘abuse’ then it makes for a pretty short discussion.

    From recollection the two occasions in which he has ventured into more public forums, the Maugham blog and one other forum whose name escapes me, commentators from this site and others overwhelmed him and forced him into putting out a pathetic blogpost saying that the owners of those forums needed to ‘bring comments under control’.

    He is one of the 5 most idiotic commentators extant in Cyberspace today

  5. @Van_Patten,

    As I mentioned on the previous post on here, I suspect it’s a form of mental illness; running a forum where, to a casual observer, it looks like there is a debate, whereas you are editing and deleting alternate views at a furious pace, suggests a level of self delusion.

    At one point he was having a conversation with 4 selected sentences I’d written with the interconnecting 3 sentences that gave them any sort of context deleted. None of which were sweary, abusive, threatening or even insulting.

    That’s on a spectrum of some kind, I assume.

  6. Over at that place, the view of the cuntocracy appears overwhelmingly to be that Laura Kuenssberg asked for it because she’s right wing and has a smug face.

  7. Laura K right wing? Is there any evidence supplied or is it just the casual use of “Fascist” for someone who thinks that the Labour leadership is delusional?

  8. Chris said:
    “Who are the other four?” [most idiotic commentators in Cyberspace]

    Dunno; is Dr Eoin Clarke still blogging?

  9. Chris

    Laurie Penny, Dr Eoin Clarke, Thomas Clark (Author of the website ‘Another North Korean Voice’) and Kerry- Anne Mendoza (Editor of the DPRKanary website)

  10. the complete lack of self awareness continues for the man with no shame. Calling people you disagree with as trolls etc is not dehumanising them whilst being told that you are an idiot by john mcdonnell is a crime against humanity. If he’s that upset then cry me a river.

  11. I have not one whit of sympathy for the LHTD, but being called an idiot by John McDonnell of all people has got to sting.

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