Err, yes, likely to happen

A double rapist, who had a £10,000 sex change operation behind bars, has been put in segregation at a women-only prison after making unwanted sexual advances on inmates.
Martin Ponting, 50, a father-of-three, became Jessica Winfield in jail after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995.
She was moved in March this year from male-only HMP Whitemoor, in Cambridgeshire, to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey – Europe’s largest female prison.
Now, it has emerged that she was segregated last week due to reports of her making inappropriate advances on her fellow inmates.

Who would not have guessed this might happen?

Xe would appear to be biologically intact…..

11 thoughts on “Err, yes, likely to happen”

  1. Wrong.

    Xe is, and always has been, homosexual.

    As an aside, is it still impossible to convict a woman of rape? Surely there are also grounds for quashing, compensation, etc?

    [/heavy irony, for the benefit of the hard of thinking]

  2. £10k to help a convicted and imprisoned rapist to play dress-up and pretend better?

    But there’s not enough money to empty the bins on a weekly basis.

  3. Utterly stupid. He’s still a man, no matter ho he dresses up and what bits they cut off. Puttting him in a women’s prison is just irresponsible.

  4. Maybe put her back into a male prison – I’m sure her new gender would get the respect it so fully deserves!

  5. Last time I checked, sex was legally defined as “insertion of penis into vagina” (just that, no orgasm or ejaculation required) and rape was legally defined as “sex without consent”.

  6. Gender is. It sexual orientation. Some men are attracted to women, some to men. If they are TG and transition their preference is unlikely to change. Why would you expect it?

    I am TG, MtF, I have always been attracted to men – but I was not gay. I’m still attracted to men and am more than happy with that arrangement.

  7. @Rob, some research seems to suggest that the £10K was exactly for what you’re questioning – genital reassignment surgery.

    Doesn’t necessarily stop them being a sex-pest however, which is what appears to be being reported here.

  8. An administrative class (I hesitate to use the word governing) that has no concept of the law of unintended consequences will now presumably find that large numbers of hairy males will declare themselves female, to take advantage of the various ‘benefits’. Now that they no longer have to prove it medically (it’s just feels innit?) how will the tied up in knots logic of the trans world work in the real world? ‘Chopper’ can now keep his, err chopper and declare himself a Choppess, demanding to be put in a female prison. How can they stop him without committing a hate crime?

  9. “making unwanted sexual advances on inmates”

    What does that mean? She asked, and they said ‘no’? Or something more aggressive?

    If you put a lesbian in a women’s prison, or a homosexual in a male prison, they’re quite likely to still be interested in sex, and quite likely to ask. You’re right – that’s likely to happen.

    In fact, given the violent/criminal nature of many of those in prison, they’re quite likely to do a lot worse. But that’s because they’re violent criminals, not because of their sexuality. Most of the prison rapists are male cisgender heterosexuals.

    Mostly, nobody notices and nobody cares. They certainly don’t segregate all the male cisgender heterosexuals simply for being such, even though they’re by far the largest offender category.

    But it’s interesting to see people getting all Guardian-reader supportive about the virtues of people being slammed into solitary confinement for making “unwanted advances”. Horrors!

  10. @NiV,

    Yeah, the “unwanted sexual advances” as definition of sex crime came up a couple of years ago, with the whole “campus rape” scare. I believe it was reported that 75% of students had received unwanted sexual advances.

    Most implausible.

    That the figure wasn’t closer to 100%.

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