Even Rees Mogg doesn’t go this far

She decided to write Sex and Lies after dozens of women spoke to her privately about their lives in Morocco, where the penal code bans sex outside marriage, abortion and homosexuality.

But he’s the outrageous one, no?

15 thoughts on “Even Rees Mogg doesn’t go this far”

  1. Well what we want to know is it any good? If it’s just written to shock and titillate Moroccan domestic readerships, unlikely, but sexual repressiveness is usually a good tension builder (if well written)

  2. Ahh but they’re Brown people, it’s their culture. Every right-thinking person knows that only White people can do wrong. ( hence feminist silence over muslim rape gangs)

  3. I am waiting (probably in vain, I know) for the media to start grilling our moslem MP’s over their beliefs on homosexuality, marriage, abortion etc. etc.

    Oh, don’t bother, it’ll be classed as racist and anyway I forgot about taqqiya and kitman.

  4. “the penal code bans sex outside … homosexuality”: either that’s radical or she’s not too hot on written English.

  5. They’re just doing to Rees-Mogg what they did to Tim Farron during the election.

    Again, without giving candidates of other faiths the same treatment.

    Farron’s treatment was 1% funny, because the LibDems are fairly sanctimonious, but 99% appalling because it was pitchforks and witch-burning. And just like R-M, there was no possibility that Farron would have attempted to ban homosexual acts.

  6. Jack C – i utterly disagree with the idea that this is an unfair question. Jacob answered this point when Piers Morgan put it to him that it did for Tim Farron’s leadership. Tim Farron, a bible thumping righteous christian lacked the werewithal of Tony Blair to squirm out of it, but squirm he did. Jacob’s not for squirming.

  7. Hallowed Be,
    I didn’t say it was an unfair question.

    It’s the reaction to the answer that’s borderline bonkers.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Farron was a typical LibDem and tried to be all things to all men and deserved his fate.

    JRM set out his case with honesty and integrity and will be respected for that by most people even if they disagree with him.

    The left really need to be careful about turning abortion in to a wedge issue. We’ve managed to keep it off the party political agenda by making it a conscience issue. From my small samples most people accept it because they don’t like the alternative rather than because of some great political belief. If they turn it in to a wedge issue they might not like the outcome because those with less integrity than JRM might well get abolition of legal abortion back on the political agenda.

  9. >Hallowed Be,I didn’t say it was an unfair question.
    It’s the reaction to the answer that’s borderline bonkers.

    You know , i think it probably would be pretty similar if anyone overtly religious went for a national party leadership.

    I saw the interview live at the time and you could see susanna and piers itching to claim a scalp, but that’s the nature of the beast. You’re right that it looked even more of an attempted hatchet job when it was cut up and edited. The unflappableness and eloquence of Jacob’s reply was lost, but at the end of the day headline makers are a no respecters of such things, if you say something on the record it’s fair game.

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