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Extremely amusing

So, Milos Zeman is running in the upcoming Czech Presidential election. To do so he’s got to have an open bank account (really open, every transaction must be recorded, publicly, as it arrives).

This lists the amount donated, by whom. And the way he’s set it up is to simply actually show his actual bank account.

Which, as we should know from our own money transfers, has a space for notes in it.

So, in order to post a note to this public document you have to transfer some money into Zeman’s campaign fund. The smallest amount you can transfer into a Czech account is 0.01 of a korunna. There are 29 korunna to the £. This is not therefore a large sum.

At which point, people are doing so. One note was “See ya Pete, off to the pub with Nancy.” Which is now a public note on the campaign site of Milos Zeman and cheap at that price of 0.01 Ks.

It does in fact get better. The smallest euro transfer you can make is 1 euro cent, which is 0.25 of a korunna. But this bank makes no charge for receiving a korunna deposit, and it does for a euro one. Or any foreign currency. About 20 korunna charge in fact.

So, some rather large number of people are transferring 0.25 korunna in in the hopes of bankrupting the President’s re-election campaign.

Jara Cimmerman would be proud.

6 thoughts on “Extremely amusing”

  1. Also, making a transfer in euro into that account can be done for free from the vast majority of eurozone bank accounts.

    If there are restrictions on foreign donations, he may have to send them all back, effectively doubling the cost to him, for zero cost to the donors.

  2. What’s to laugh about? An opponent to the EU makes a cock up trying to stick to the rules. Why is an opponent of the EU in one of the most EU opposed countries getting shafted via ignorance and misfortune a good thing?

    Yea he’s a socialist, but he isn’t our kind of socialist. Another one bites the dust probably.

  3. I’m surprised the account holder is charged the fee for someone else transferring money to them. why isn’t the sender charged this fee? They initiate the transaction and are the only agent with control over it.

  4. @tomsmith,

    I guess that makes him a national socialist.

    @Rob, the sender has the option to pay their fees only (if any) or both their own and those of the recipient (if any).

  5. BIG yes he is a nationalist socialist. Better that than the kind that hates their own people, however economically deluded, I would say.

    Nationalist socialism has a bit of a bad name though, and for some reason is regarded as right wing. Confusing.

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