Gosh, this is amazing

Banning size zero models is small fry. What fashion needs is diversity
Bethany Rutter
Catwalk shows will be almost identical despite the pledge of France’s top fashion houses. If you’re a size 20 like me, high-end brands still won’t be interested

What, they don’t use size 20 models? You sure?

16 thoughts on “Gosh, this is amazing”

  1. “It’s always fun to see Ditto there, but it isn’t representative of meaningful change – despite her own clothing line having launched. It doesn’t end up with the clothes being made by other companies in my size that I can buy, it doesn’t end up with fashion magazines featuring plus-size clothes, it doesn’t end up with me being treated better in the world.”


  2. hmm.. How does Bethany totally ignore the fact that ban was in response to health concerns for the models trying to attain and maintain size zero?

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    If there is money in it, someone will dress the fat chicks.

    See Sailor’s Law of Female Journalism.

  4. Another case where to be popular in the modern world you have to hold two opposite opinions at the same time.

    Whereas mostly you have to bang on about the obesity epidemic, when I saw a huge female blob on the screen yesterday being feted by some harridans, I should have been congratulating the blob on her brave stance of parading her blobness on the catwalk.

  5. Her other problem is that she has a face that makes the back end of a bus look attractive. Why on earth does she think someone’s going to want her to model clothes?

  6. Funny how those calling for diversity loudest always stand to benefit.

    I’d have a bit more time for this cause if she said “I’m fed up with feeling like an outcast because I’m a big girl. I wish that some haute couture place would come up with some clothes for me”. That’s understandable from the mentally fragile.
    But no, it’s always ‘diversity’.

    Also- does she repeat the ‘real woman’ trope in there anywhere? My (size 8) wife loves it when some fat bint moaning about society’s perception of resource hogs says something that denies the existence of women whodon’t need chandlers* to fashion their blouses.

    (Waits for BiND to correct the term)

  7. Rob Moss,

    “Her other problem is that she has a face that makes the back end of a bus look attractive. Why on earth does she think someone’s going to want her to model clothes?”

    The face is at least partly about being fat. You get extra chins and become a moonface. She has clothes on that do nothing for her. In other photos, she has a dyke haircut and lipstick by Stevie Wonder.

    And women enable this shit. Women do it for entirely selfish reasons: they want other women to be fat moonfaces to reduce the competition, while pretending it’s about empowerment.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “(Waits for BiND to correct the term)”
    Life’s to short, I’ll leave the pendantry to dearieme 🙂

  9. “What fashion needs is diversity”

    I commented that what fashion needed was pay equity, but oddly it got removed. How strange.

  10. ‘Bethany Rutter is a so-called journalist and so-called blogger who writes about fat bodies, plus-size fashion and body positivity’

    Fixed that one, too.

    Journalism is reporting what is happening. Nutter is trying to CHANGE what is happening.

  11. If Bethany Rutter did more rutting perhaps she wouldn’t be in contention for the cat hippo-walk at London Spinnaker Week.

  12. So the patriarchy made this blubber mountain roam around hoovering up pies like a whale scoffing plankton? Fuck off, love. See if you can hold your daily calorie consumption to four figures.

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