How absolutely fascinating

A common refrain of people emerging from hallucinatory highs, whether LSD, mescaline or peyote, is that consciousness-altering psychedelic drugs can make one more attuned to the natural world. But does that psychedelicized sense of the connectedness of all things persist once the high has faded?
A recent study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology suggests it does. In the study, psychologists from Yale University and the University of Innsbruck asked 1,487 about their psychedelic experiences and their self-reported environmentalist behaviors and affiliation for things “green.” The researchers also sought to identify common personality traits associated with drug use or relating to nature, such as openness to experience, conscientiousness and conservatism.
The researchers found that people who had used psychedelic drugs reported more environmentally friendly behaviors, such as recycling and reducing their carbon footprint. Many also reported a greater sense of oneness with nature. They also found that the more psychedelics used, the greater the sense of connectedness, and the greater the reported pro-environmental activities.

Frying your mind makes you recycle more. Hmm…..

7 thoughts on “How absolutely fascinating”

  1. You know, this may be a radical concept a little too far out there for modern academics, but I might suggest that doing Hippy things like taking LSD is highly associated with doing other Hippy things like recycling and voting for Jerry Brown.

    You know, I am just putting it out there.

    In other news, not taking LSD may lead to becoming an Ultra-Orthodox Jew.

  2. I’ve taken a fair bit of acid (and mushrooms) and I wouldn’t have thought I’m anyone’s idea of a hippy. Doesn’t fry your brains, though, and it doesn’t stop you being a thoroughly nasty bastard either. I have found it cathartic at times, but mostly it’s just a good laugh – certainly doesn’t open the doors of perception in your mind’s eye or any of that shite.

  3. Correlation does not equal causation…

    Or environmentalists are more likely to take polluting, man-made, hallucogenics than people like me (who sticks to relatively natural alcohol), which might explain why I am capable of caring about natural environments and not simply some mythical Gaia-creation…

  4. @Interested – likewise and while I certainly enjoyed tripping amidst nature, it hasn’t put me off business class flying, Badoit and aircon….

  5. I’m one of those people who can trigger their own endorphins and when younger could quite easily lie down and go on a “wow! I have fingerrrrrsss!!” trip. I think current laws make my brain an illegal substance. I never noticed wanting to strip off the trappings of modern society.

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