How amusing

Using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar could increase the risk of diabetes in just two weeks, new research suggests.

The study shows that the supplements can change the body’s response to glucose, heightening the risk of the condition which is suffered by almost 4 million Britons.

Previous studies have linked high intake of sweeteners to a greater risk of diabetes,

Thus the campaign against sugar to reduce diabetes might well be increasing the incidence of diabetes…..

Well done everyone!

10 thoughts on “How amusing”

  1. As a type II diabetic, I’ve known of the dangers of artificial sweeteners for years. Diet drinks are as dodgy as normal drinks for the diabetic.

  2. A while ago I was sipping my usual Saturday evening Vodka and Tonic when I noticed the foul taste of an artificial sweetener. “Bollocks!” I thought, “You’ve only gone and picked up fucking diet tonic you pillock!” But I checked the bottle and it was not the diet version.

    Tescos, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to reduce the sugar in their own brand regular tonic and replace it with aspartame or some such poison, Needless to say I don’t drink their tonic water any more.

    I hope someone with diabetes II sues the pants off them but of course they will point to the fact that Saint Theresa and the so-called tory government ‘nudged’ them into poisoning their customers and thus get away scot free.

  3. Sainsburys, along with Tesco and Asda, have completely withdrawn the non-diet versions of their “Hi-Juice” squashes.

    The diet versions are entirely undrinkable due to the artificial sweeteners. What’s especially crazy is that the proper version (thankfully still available in Waitrose, praise the Lord) is sufficiently concentrated that you dilute hugely – something like 15:1.

    Completely insane.

  4. It’s about time someone with a sheet of paper recognized the obvious. This is only a start though. We also need to recognize that, HFCS isn’t the same as sugar, and the dangers of artificial dies and preservatives.

  5. Even if artificial sweeteners are as bad for you as sugar the fact is that two tiny pills in your tea are far smaller in dose than two teaspoons of sugar.

    The actual difference at five cups a day is 10 tiny pills vs 10 teaspoons of sugar.

    I’ll stick with the saccharin and bollocks to pseudo-puritan junk science.

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