I continue to love this wibble

But it goes beyond simply discussing climate change. After Harvey and Irma we also have a moral duty to talk about the economic system that has brought us to this point. That is, we can no longer talk about climate change without talking about capitalism, which has laid waste to our planet and now impedes humanity’s effort to deal with the climate crisis it engendered.

Back in the days when people actually bothered to read the climate science we had the SRES. Which showed that the outcome from a future with globalised capitalism was better, in every respect – yea, including climate change – than one with localised socialist wibble.

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  1. True.. I must have been mistaken when I thought that the worst despoilers of the environment were communist states. Russia, China…?

  2. I’m convinced that it is the fading of the memory of Communist Europe that under pins all these call for blaming capitalism for everything. Those over 40 saw the terrible environmental damage socialism caused compared to capitalism in the West. They also saw why liberty was more important than equality. They saw the economic failure.

    This is all distant history to the twenty somethings. No society is perfect but today there is no close comparative to Capitalist democracy except China which is a developing society still and too far away. So they compare our society to imaginary perfection. 10 years of Corbynism would cure them but I really enjoy eating and being able to wipe my bum with toilet paper.

  3. Salon are now the official purveyors of top-grade socialist insanity.

    They are just waiting to take delivery of their new range of ” Middle-Class Marxist HEADCASE” merchandising brand of T-shirts, mugs etc.

    Altho’ they seem to have enough mugs already.

  4. Communist China burns more coal than all the rest of the world put together. It accounts for more than one-third of all CO2 emissions. It continues to increase its emissions while the leading capitalist countries are all reducing theirs.
    The Coviet Union was one of the worst despoilers of the planet because the environment was given no value in Gosplan’s calculations.
    Harvey is the first hurricane to hit the USA for fice years so enyone who is complaining about an increase in hurricanes due to climate change either has the memory span of a mayfly or is straight-out lying.

  5. Isn’t this just an example of how backward some people still are? A couple of bad storms are taken as ‘signs’ from the gods about how we should change our decadent ways and live only as the climate change gods demand.

  6. “A couple of bad storms are taken as ‘signs’ from the gods about how we should change our decadent ways and live only as the climate change gods demand.”

    People used to worship the God of Storms, for he brings rain and thus fertility. See all sorts of ancient Near Eastern lore.

  7. How do these wibblers get round the fact of the irreparable damage done to the Caspian Sea by socialist production methods? By ignoring it, I presume.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    It seems that these storms aren’t as unlikely as CAGW advocates would have us believe. From last week’s Economist:

    Victor Baker, a palaeohydrologist at the University of Arizona, studies floods far away in time and space (he is particularly renowned for his work on catastrophic torrents in the distant past of Mars). The scars left by the biggest past events provide benchmarks for what might happen again: as Mr Baker puts it, “What has happened, can happen.” In 2013 he and his colleagues analysed 44 ancient inundations of the Upper Colorado River, estimating the floods’ intensity from the volume of sediment and establishing their age using a technique which reveals when quartz in those sediments was last exposed to daylight. Their analysis showed that the river’s “500-year floods” were twice as severe as estimates based on modern records alone implied: what had been considered a once-a-millennium flood turns out to occur more than once a century.

    The implication being that all those flood defences against 500 year floods towers built to withstand 100 year winds aren’t as safe as thought.

  9. @ Tim Newman
    The Caspian Sea also has suffered and the Sturgeon is now an endangered species (except in Scotland, of course!)

  10. One of the biggest climate change risks is sea level rise – so the fact the Yellow, Rio Grande, Murray/Darling, and Colorado rivers barely make it to the sea for part of the year is surely a bonus, on top of the agricultural benefits from extracting the water.
    Too bad advances in farming have hit the Caspian and Aral, but I’d be surprised if the gain in the basin area are outweighed by the damage to those inland seas.

  11. It’s precisely the wealth creation of capitalism that means this naturally occurring event will probably have a casualty count amounting to two figures rather than five or six. A repeat of Galveston in 1900 (12000 dead) is simply not possible in a developed country.

  12. “So they compare our society to imaginary perfection.”

    Indeed. Against mores of Western Civilization, to which no one else even cares.

    For example, they complain about women’s rights. Outside the West, no one gives a shit about women’s rights. The Left is using women’s rights as a tool to beat us into giving up Western Civilization. Which will be replaced by government that doesn’t give a shit about women’s rights.

    Homosexual rights? The rest of the world kills them.

    Et cetera.

  13. @ Tim Newman
    Agreed (hence my use of “also”), but it looked as if you were saying *only* the Aral Sea had been wrecked by Soviet maleficience.

  14. Knowing Me, Knowing Steve

    we can no longer talk about climate change without talking about capitalism, which has laid waste to our planet…

    Yeah… <A href="https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth/&quot;about that…

    a quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide

    Seems the planet, by which we mean life on this planet, actually loves industrial capitalism. Who knew?

    And now for some pretend bravery:

    we now have a “moral duty to talk about climate change” and to resist “the attempted conspiracy of silence imposed by powerful political and business interests opposed to any reduction in the use of fossil fuels.”

    Those damn poweful political and business interests who funnel billions and billions and billions of pounds, dollars and euros towards climate change propaganda, sinecures, research, conferences, guidelines, monitoring, enforcement, et cetera, ad nauseum. Every Western government (including, PBUH, Donald Trump’s) is in on it, and you won’t find a single company of any size – including oil companies – that doesn’t at least pay lip service to the mean little gods of climate change.

    Even the Pope has a bunch of goofy solar panels on top of the Vatican, thus proving the days of buying indulgences never really went away, they just a whole lot tackier. At least we got a magnificent basilica, stuffed full of art treasures, out of the original version of this scam.

    But in the Eco-loon’s mind, he is always courageously defying the sinister and all-powerful Kill The Planet lobby, even as he cashes his generous government and private sector grants and gets paid to write the 482,896,436th article about how THIS TIME, weather is actually climate, bigots!

  15. What has been stalling hurricane from hitting mainland US has been a strings of El Nino. The one they expected this year didn’t show up, thus we have hurricane hitting Florida and Texas. Yeah, Global Cooling/Warming.

  16. @ BigFire
    El Nino is in the Pacific. The hurricanes hitting Florida etc are in the Atlantic. There is some correlation between El Nino and the absence of hurricanes but in this century 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2015, and 2016 had both El Nino and a hurricane.

  17. Yes, KMKS.

    It’s as if the trillions we have spent since the 1960s to reduce pollution never happened. They complain like the air is still brown. They campaign for “cleaner air?”

    “CLEANER THAN WHAT?” I demand to know.

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