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I have a feeling this might change

Fantasists who allege they were sex abuse victims are being allowed to keep taxpayer-funded compensation – even after their claims have been exposed as false, a Telegraph investigation can reveal.

Last night, ministers launched an investigation into why thousands of pounds paid out to fake victims has not been clawed back.

Critics fear the system could have helped to encourage an industry of false claimants.

The Telegraph can disclose that the man who falsely accused Field Marshall Lord Bramall and Lord Brittan, the former Home Secretary, of involvement in a VIP paedophile ring has hung onto £50,000 paid to him by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Sunlight being that best disinfectant and all….

18 thoughts on “I have a feeling this might change”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Isn’t there a case for charging them with fraud? Presumably the claims forms require them to state that the information provided is true and to sign it?

  2. @BiND. Very true. It’s fraud but I seriously doubt the state will pursue them for fraud as they are nuts. On the flip side the state should pursue them to get the money back but chances are, being nuts, they haven’t exactly kept it invested it wisely and it has been blown away.

  3. Bloke in Tejas in Normandy

    Ummm – silly question – how come they got given money before the claims were investigated and found to be sufficiently true?

    Does everyone who claims to be the victim of a crime get paid money even before the case is heard?

    I may need to rethink my retirement financing strategies…

  4. Bet some charities will pipe up and say that it would deter their clients from pursuing justice. Unaware they are conflating genuine victims with mentally ill liars.

  5. BiTin – every time I have seen the details of the claims made by these loons – satanic murder, orgies attended by half the Lord etc – they look like obvious fantasies.

    I do wonder exactly how thick and gullible the people who dole out these awards are. But then I also suspect the way they see it is: the more cash we dole out, the more important the CICA seems and the more crucial that I am kept on at £60k plus a nice shiny pension.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset, not just fraud but wasting police time, perjury, obtaining money by deception etc.

    There are serious options. It is similar to prosecutors having policies against charging false rape complainants because it will erode confidence in complainants er what.

    False sexual complaints are almost certainly of the same order of magnitude as actual sexual offending and I suspect exceed actual sexual offending.

  7. The state is not going to make a big song and dance because the state–and esp the Home Office as run by Trasher May ( and sub-divisions of evil such as the Saunders Hag at the CPS)– were not merely complicit in the nonsense but foundational enablers of it.

    Absolute shite that would once have been thrown/laughed out of court –or more likely never got to court because of its throwable/laughable nature–were shepherded through to femmi-victory. Poor old Rolf being a prime example.

  8. “Critics fear the system could have helped to encourage an industry of false claimants.”

    Amazed. We have hundreds of thousand of frightfully clever people in government, or I have been told we have, and no-one saw this coming.

    Or option two: a great way to denounce public figures you don’t like would be to dangle large amounts of money to attract lunatics and activists and then let ill-nature take it course. If any of them have the bad manners to accuse someone on your own side these can be filtered out early in the whole process, quietly and without fuss.

    Voila! Show trials time!

  9. @robharries ; the solicitors involved are well aware that they are mentally ill liars (or dishonest liars, or both). Having been in the position of having to review claims made in these sorts of cases you’d have to be a total buffoon to believe the claims ; and this is after their claim is filtere d by a solicitor into a legal format.

    However, insurers do not fight the claims, CICB claims are not reclaimed, perjurers are rarely if ever prosecuted so it becomes a negotiation about “how much” rather than “is it true”.

  10. The stories may have been obvious nonsense but the compensation was not coming from the pocket of those paying it. It is far easier to dosh out other people’s money than your own. Especially if you know there are minimal consequences for getting it wrong. It’s why socialism always collapses. Spending other people’s money is such FUN.

  11. You are presuming that the police and prosecution services don’t still see this as the accused getting away with it and that they are really guilty, of something if not this specific instance. Just look at the chad evans case, the rhetoric there was that he had got away with it and they need to stop it happening again.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    At least most of these cases collapsed before any trial, unlike in the US where people were banged up for decades after being accused of things that were literally impossible. The scrotes involved still deserve to swing of course, alongside a bunch of CPS goons and malevolent/thick-as-pigshit/both-of-the-above rozzers from the Met.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset said:
    “Isn’t there a case for charging them with fraud? Presumably the claims forms require them to state that the information provided is true and to sign it?”

    The mere fact that the prosecutions have collapsed doesn’t mean that the original claims were definitely false; there is a cloudy gap between “having enough of a prosecution case to stand up in court” and “the allegations are provably false”.

    Having said that, from what I’ve read some of the abuse allegations do seem to be nonsense on stilts.

  14. False or not the claims achieve the desired effect of undermining the social structure especially of the patriarchy.
    That is all the cultural Marxists want after all.

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