If these numbers are true then Uber should be able to piss all over the ban

The safety question is an interesting one, in so far as it’s manifest horseshit to say that black cabs are safe, but Ubers are not. Nothing in life is perfectly safe. In the Spectator today, it’s pointed out that in 2015/16 32 accusations of sexual assault were made against Uber drivers. (This rose to 48 in the year to Feb 2017). Meanwhile around the same period 126 black cab drivers were charged with such a violent or sexual offense.
For what it’s worth, there are reckoned to be 23,000 back cabs in London today, vs 40,000 Ubers, the latter being used by 3.5M passengers in London.

I’ll not vouch for the numbers but if they’re true…..

11 thoughts on “If these numbers are true then Uber should be able to piss all over the ban”

  1. They need to get TFL and the mayor in court, where lying carries serious penalties. Rout them point by point and get the ban overturned.

  2. Worth pointing out that 126 black cab drivers charged with a violent or sexual offence out of a base of 23,000 is a remarkably high figure. for a year. 1/182. Taking into consideration that the requirements of the job are going to exclude the late teen-early twenties, habitual drunks & street layabouts,more representative of the general population.
    On the other hand, BCD’s have always seemed an aggressive bunch-of-cnuts, at the best of times.

  3. Note that the figure for Uber drivers is accusations, for black cab drivers it’s those charged.

    Since we’re told that only a small proportion of sexual assault accusations ever result in a charge, the comparable figure for black cab drivers is presumably even higher.

  4. Black Cabbies are full-time drivers, whereas plenty of Uber’s 40,000 are only part-time / evening / weekend drivers. I’d be interested in seeing sexual offences per mile driven or per passenger journey.

    Also, since Uber is cheaper than black cabs, inebriated young women (the most likely to be assaulted) are vastly overrepresented amongst Uber passengers; whereas Black Cab passengers are more likely to be daytime businessmen and little old ladies who don’t have smartphones.

  5. Pissed young adult females are also the most likely to make false accusations and to–in groups of 3 or 4 sometimes–refuse to pay and threaten the cabbie with a sex assault charge if he doesn’t piss off without a penny. Several such incidents have been recorded by drivers wise enough to have an on board camera.

    I still support Uber–why should Cabbies escape competition–but I would be cautious about both sets of figures.

  6. The numbers for black cabs are wrong. The 126 (roughly) figure is for all taxi drivers, including private hire (but excluding Uber). The number for black cab drivers is 2. See here

  7. There’s also the point that presumably its far easier to catch a deviant Uber driver, because all Uber journeys, drivers and passengers are centrally logged. So if a pissed up girl gets raped in a cab, if its an Uber driver he’ll have the police knocking on his door fairly soon after – even if she can’t remember a thing, the system will. Whereas in a black cab there’ll be no evidence who it was, and probably not much from a radio cab either, although if it was an app based radio cab there would be a similar record.

    So if one assumed an equal likelihood that any type of cab driver was a sexual predator, one would expect more Uber and app based drivers to be caught, because their every move and fare is documented.

  8. Jim- exactly.

    I recently got into a radio-based cab and an exchange occurred something like:

    Driver: “Sorry, just a moment, before I drive off I gotta take a selfie”.

    Me: “What?”.

    Driver: “Every so often the system tells me to take a selfie which gets sent back to the office… it’s so they know that it’s really me driving the cab”.

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