Ignorant twats

Across both industry and households, we will have pioneered the
shift to a more ‘circular’ economy, where resources are stewarded throughout their
life, wastes tend to zero and resource productivity is maximised.

Acres of this report insist that labour productivity must rise. Rightly so of course. They then want everyone recycling, spending their time for free on something unproductive. This does not raise productivity.

4 thoughts on “Ignorant twats”

  1. They also demand increased productivity hand-in-hand with increased employment – which is the opposite of productivity.

  2. @ Tim
    Increased productivity will mean that we have more time to spend on recycling and anything else that they want us to do. Recycling is an end, not a means.
    In the third world scavengers sort out the waste and recycle stuff – in the UK the average guy is required to do that because we have no dirt-poor people to scavenge from refuse tips.
    At this point I have to state that their complaints about inequality are pretty hollow.

  3. Every week here someone comes along before the recycling collection has turned up and goes through the recycling bins to see if there’s anything with a deposit on it that they can take out and return for themselves, all those small amounts add up if you are diligent I guess

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