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Isn’t this an interesting basis for a story

EU fears Theresa May ‘will not be able to uphold Brexit pledges’

Has Barnier been telling things? Jean-Claude indiscreet over the brandy? Do tell:

Brussels fears an enfeebled Theresa May will not be able to stand by any pledges she makes in this week’s major speech on Brexit but has dismissed Boris Johnson’s intervention as an irrelevance, according to the shadow Brexit secretary.

Err, no. Keir Starmer is mouthing off about what his domestic opponent is about to do. If she doesn’t do what he thinks should be done therefore…..

This is of the teenage gossip circuit type stuff, “Mandy’s shagging Wayne” in order to get Shirleen, Wayne’s acknowledged squeeze, to dump him so that Jazzelia, the origin of the gossip expedition, can subsequently hook up with Wayne who she really fancies, y’know?

And just look at the accompanying photograph:

Yes, yes, I’m very concerned and so is Jeremy, it is more in sorrow than in anger cont. pg 94

Don’t you just want to slap that with a wet conger eel?

8 thoughts on “Isn’t this an interesting basis for a story”

  1. Starmer is the scum of the Earth and up to his neck in the Yewtree villainy–ie staging alleged (and largely evidence-free )sex crimes trials to advance his own scummy career.

    Hopefully Hell has Class Z accommodations already warmed up and waiting for the scummer.

  2. Tim

    A wet conger eel is far too nice – I’m thinking a two by four, possibly with one or two spikes in it….

  3. DMD

    “He looks as if he’s trying work out if that fart followed through or not.”

    Looks to me more like one of those “shit, it did” looks..

  4. “Starmer said that it was clear that the prime minister would need to overcome the misgivings of her foreign secretary about a transition period in which the UK continued to enjoy the benefits of the status quo and paying into the budget as a price for access”

    Thank you for this tiny bit of clarity at least Keir. Because I intend to use this to say loud and clear to anyone foolish enough to tell me I don’t know why I voted for Brexit. There is £18 billion per year and rising in play here. And Labour wants us to pay all of it to Brussels.

  5. Knowing Me, Knowing Steve

    I wouldn’t trust Theresa May to not fuck up a glass of water.

    She has that Frank Spencerite ability to turn everything into farce. If she held a winning lottery ticket, she’d probably find some way of losing a limb to a papercut.

    How the everfucking hell did she manage to remember to breathe for however many years it is she’s been wasting oxygen?

    If we genetically engineered the perfect useless politician from Kinnock’s pratfalls, Foot’s donkey jacket, and the dessicated speccy essence of Lembit Opik, God or Nature would just laugh at our schoolboy efforts. Because Theresa May.

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