Isn’t this just the very Horror!

How Germany’s far right took over Twitter – and tilted the election
Julia Ebner
A sophisticated and tightly organised troll army has spent the last three months championing a ‘patriotic revolution’. Boosting the AfD’s power is just the start

People campaign during election season.

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26 thoughts on “Isn’t this just the very Horror!”

  1. And by the “far right” they mean ordinary mums and dads not keen on seeing their daughters beaten and raped.

  2. When did patriotism become a bad thing?

    Seriously: you look at films from the 1950s or 1960s, and it was all Britain this, Britain that. Then somewhere along the way it all stopped.

  3. I’m surprised. My limited exposure to twitter leads me to believe that it’s 90% lefty cunts bleating at each other about supposed breaches of groupthink.

    Maybe it’s different in Germany.

  4. So Momentum loons own cyberspace in our recent election and this is just good organisation and groundswell of opinion. AfD loons own cyberspace in German election and this is evil conspiracy. How about motivated loons will cover Twitter. Story ends

  5. Campaigning for the opposition is tilting the election. Democracy: where the people vote for what we want . . . or else.

    It should be obvious to all now that when the left talks about democracy, they are lying.

    How can you tell when a Lefty is lying? Their lips moved.

  6. Henry Crun

    I often say that there is ‘general consensus’ that the 1997 to 2010 Government of Blair/ Brown was the worst in UK history – and its legacy might very well be the triumph of the likes of Jez Corbin and Johnny Macdonal – two of the most unpatriotic MPS ever to have held office…..

  7. @Andrew M “When did patriotism become a bad thing?”

    I had a colleague say he hoped Brexit would fail as nations are a bad thing. I was incredulous and pointed to (a) actions taken in advancement of national and personal interest that benefit the group of fellow citizens as being a benefit of nationhood and (b) the EU is creating the trappings of a nation state, albeit a very large one therefore surely smaller states are a good thing as they affect fewer people if it goes belly up.

    He believes nations are bad therefore we should be governed by the EU but had no knowledge of the EUs foundation principle of ever closer union nor an opinion of what it meant in practice. He is young. Just under 30. No wonder the Corbyn international marxists are going well with the young as they have been feed a diet of opinions without facts to back them up. Every time I discuss these issues with people it turns out they have not used facts to generate their opinion and have few counters that are not easily demolished.

  8. Yes, nation states are bad, much better to have one big EU super-state.

    The same applies with corporations. We all know that Big is Best, don’t we?

  9. If the world were moving away from nations towards individualism–as Doug Casey points out 7 billion individual “nations”– I would not be as concerned about this nation. Eventually the nation will have had its time as with all things.

    But not –by all that’s Holy–in favour of Marxian, tyrannical, super-sized international shitholes where the scum elite do what the fuck they like and everyone else gets to crawl on their belly. Are you listening EU-sucking shite everywhere?

    Better the world burn and be destroyed than that.

  10. Didn’t the Guardian send people out to knock on doors for Obama, and earlier against GW Bush? Why was that permissible?

  11. Well, obviously. The concept of a consistent principle is *literally* incomprehensible to the Guardian left. They’re starting from a totally different axiology: whether some action is good, ethical, or fair, depends entirely on who does it. People in “good groups” can only do good things. People in “bad groups” can only do bad things. Whenever people seem to do things outside of this pattern, it’s either because of duress, trickery, our misinformation about what happened, or because they’re not really part of the group we thought they were. Outgroup vs. Ingroup is genuinely everything in this mode of thought.

  12. @hueshi. Oh so true. So much name calling is the result of this. Sad to see the destruction of so much that the west has developed because of such attitudes.

  13. Mr X,

    > If the world were moving away from nations towards … 7 billion individual “nations”

    Not quite. The world would split into approx. 1bn families or clans. Nepotism would become the norm. Clan feuds would be a daily occurence.

  14. @Van_Patten, September 27, 2017 at 11:34 am

    I often say that there is ‘general consensus’ that the 1997 to 2010 Government of Blair/ Brown was the worst in UK history…

    +1 I say the same and add that Blair was worst PM for UK ever as he allowed Brown to be chancellor then succeed him.

  15. What a bunch of bastards! Momentum relieve you of the tiresome responsibility of voting and you’re ungrateful!

    Other bastards try to convince you to vote the wrong way and you’re ungrateful about that!

    We have a way of dealing with people like you…

  16. I just can’t understand this modern attitude of: “I’m so loathed to make decisions that not only do I want myself to be banned from making any decisions, I want everybody else to be banned from making any decisions.”

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    The problem with this is that it is probably the opening shot in a campaign to get AfD and parties like it kicked off the internet. It has worked in America with fairly mainstream people being slimed as neo-Nazis. Hell, it was common in these here parts for years – wasn’t it Rusty?

    Meanwhile I notice that the Russian investigation has worked its way down from the Russians hacking the election to …. the Russians paying for some Facebook posts supporting Black Lives Matter. The [email protected]!

  18. @So Much For Subtlety, September 28, 2017 at 1:29 am

    The problem with this is that it is probably the opening shot in a campaign to get AfD and parties like it kicked off the internet.

    It’s already in progress. EU is going to remove MEP funding from anti-EU Parties/MEPs (eg UKIP). Next will be banning them from EU Parliament (speaking & voting) & Committees.

    DJunker is pushing this to happen soon – no opposition parties or MEPs.

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