Isn’t this lovely

We’re thrilled to announce that the globally respected corporate governance expert, PIRC, has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark.

What is effectively a non-profit gains the FTM.

9 thoughts on “Isn’t this lovely”

  1. They are that desperate for anyone to get take a FTM, they don’t care.

    29 marks in 3.5 years, and it’s slowing down.

  2. I have to say that it lowers my view of PIRC dramatically. What were they thinking? The FTM is a sign of gross ignorance – is this what they really want to associate with? Certainly it should lower the value of PIRC’s services – if they take on a low value signal of stupidity, what does that say about their judgment?

  3. Tuberous Loon: I am a director of the Fair Tax Mark. I also advise Pensions & Investment Research Consultants

    RUSH: Semi in Ely has chinese walls!

    Failing which it’s more like Murphy’s left leg awarding a sock to his right foot.

  4. Murphy is so intellectually advanced, he can separate the hemispheres of his own brain so that they can each deal in an independent capacity with something that for a mere mortal would be a conflict of interest or a form of “regulatory capture”.

    Basically, we are witnessing evolution of Homo Sapiens into a superior being – in Ely of all places.

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