It’s at this point that you can bugger off matey

Banning social media trolls from voting could help reduce the amount of abuse faced by politicians, the election watchdog has said.

The Electoral Commission says legislation around elections should be reviewed and new offences could be introduced.

Mouthing off at a politician is the point of an election, not something to bar you from it.

22 thoughts on “It’s at this point that you can bugger off matey”

  1. While a politician cannot please everyone, it seems the current bunch don’t please anyone.

    Perhaps this is the reason they are universally reviled and get abuse. Improve the politicians and the knock on effect will be to reduce the abuse.

    Cause and effect…

  2. The only examples they gave:

    One Labour MP said someone had threatened to bomb her office, and another MP claimed to have had a “bottle smashed on me”. The anonymous survey received responses from 113 of the UK’s 650 MPs.

    Neither of these are ‘trolling’ or abuse. One is a threat of terrorism and the other is genuine assault. Quite what either of these has to do with insulting or criticising politicians is anyone’s idea.

    Also, let me guess – the ‘trolls’ who are targeted will somehow all be those who criticise Labour politicians.

  3. Half (51%) of the MPs who responded to the Radio 5 Live survey said it was the worst election campaign they had experienced in terms of abuse.

    Interestingly, it was the first where Momentum were in charge of a major political party, but the Guardian doesn’t make the connection.

  4. “Half (51%) of the MPs who responded to the Radio 5 Live survey said it was the worst election campaign they had experienced in terms of abuse.”

    How many of that 51% were on their first or second campaign?

  5. It’s atrocious that Diane Abbott should suffer racist and sexist abuse, the fat, ugly bitch is completely unsexy. Nothing could turn the nation off sex more than billboards of a naked Diane Abbott.

  6. Rob for PM – how true that is! Momentum are the instigators of a vast campaign of concerted abuse and physical violence towards their opponents. No mention of that of course. I would not be surprised if they were orchestrating the campaigns against Labour MPs using false accounts designed to get non-Labour supporters barred from Social media or indeed any media outlets.

  7. Wait, doesn’t this conflict with the progressive’s drive to ensure criminals are given the vote, so as not to ‘disenfranchise them’..?

    So will it be the case that you’re better off killing a politician, rather than just threatening to, if you want to keep your vote?

  8. Well, JuliaM, do you want to be in jail for lifeish (it’s still murder even if it is a politician) but have the vote, or have to sign on to the National Troll Offenders Register but not have the vote?

  9. Since the authorities can’t stop students from voting twice, postal vote fraud or personation, how are they going to enforce this?

  10. Back in the day when my blog was going full blast, I got a death threat from someone who had taken the trouble to discover my home address. He emailed me a copy of a Google photo of my house just to let me know he really did know where I lived. I sent him a photo of myself holding a very nice .45 caliber Kimber 1911 semi-automatic. Never heard from him again. The vast majority of people who threaten (especially when they are doing it from the comfort of their own home) are doing so in an attempt to get you to take them seriously. They are fundamentally unserious. While I wouldn’t advise completely ignoring such threats, I’ve found that letting them know you’d be happy to take them very seriously usually ends all contact. As with most unserious people, they haven’t thought far enough ahead to consider the outcome of being taken very seriously. When they finally do, they run for the hills.

    There’s a NYC radio personality by the name of Don Imus, and he did it right: Every time he got a death threat, he had a private investigator dig up who was behind it, and then had the investigator and a lawyer or two visit the person. They explained Real Life to that person, and what would happen to them if they ever did it again. The end result? Don Imus didn’t get many death threats.

  11. The commission is doing what every Quango does – lobby for more powers for itself to increase it’s responsibilities and therefore budget.

    The extra cash can be redirected in ‘wages’ to the people at the top as they ‘measure’ themselves against other organisations of a similar size.

  12. Knowing Me, Knowing Steve

    Re: trolling. Trolling is a art.

    I feel sure it should be part of the national curriculum, and it’s an important part of our civic duty to constructively remind our parliamentary representatives that they are wank-faced arseclowns whose mums all smell of cod.

    The worst political abuse, and it’s not even trolling, just psychotic e-hatred, comes from the Cybernats and the Jew-baiting Left.

    The amount of haggis-flecked drunken vitriol thrown at Scots and English people who preferred not to break up the United Kingdom was eye-opening in light of the SNP’s insistence of being the rational, tolerant compassionate Tunnocks-eating Pictish drug fiends.

    And you don’t have to look far on any Guardian article about Israel for the inevitable racist conspiracy theories about the beady-eyed, child-killing Jooooooooz Zionists.

  13. Concur with the once inimitable one, here. The mouthbreathing cretinous cnuts at the Electoral Commission need to understand, that there was abuse. Trolling is something entirely different.

  14. This was a proposal the Electoral Commission are consulting on to be fair – moronic, but not a proposal they are putting forward. Journalists are just hyping things up in their normal stupid way.

    And interestingly Diane Abbott appears to agree with Tim here that this is a stupid idea – and if those two both oppose something, we can assume it is a spectacularly bad idea.

  15. There are quite a few serious sensible people in the Electoral Commission, and many of them are quite pissed off at having all their work of two boundary reviews torn up in their faces and now have the prospect of a third being torn up and thrown in their faces. If I was one of them, I would certainly be tempted to troll the politicians in return.

  16. So, the left decided to do away with civil disagreement in politics and started physically and verbally abusing their opponents. Now they’re whining about people returning the favour?

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