Mr. Dacre might want to have a word

With the subs here, if this made the print edition:

A pirate’s life! Top secret US spy submarine returns to port flying the Jolly Roger flag ‘in signal that could mean it’s been in SUNK another ship’

10 thoughts on “Mr. Dacre might want to have a word”

  1. Could be that someone did ask for an amend to this line..
    something like replace “shooting down” with Sinking. and it all got messed up.

    “The tradition started in 1914 in England when a ship flew the Jolly Roger after shooting down an enemy”

    Yes subs, but either the person who wrote this was having a very bad day or they don’t have the journalistic skills to avoid making such howlers.

    in England,,,shooting down an enemy..

    i don’t think they’re a native english speaker.

  2. The whole thing is ghastly. Caption to photo:

    “The flag bares some significance”

    Poor old significance, having her delicate nether regions exposed like that. Clever flag for being able to do it though…

  3. DM inaccurately recycling old news – photo is from April.

    USA is not UK.

    It’s a RN Submarine tradition as is RN wet ships.

    USN have their own traditions such as dry ships.

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