The yoga industry is booming – but does it make you a better person?

From our ever popular series, Questions In The Guardian We Can Answer.

Yoga might do many things, make you more flexible, fitter maybe, possibly even a better shag. But better person? No.

10 thoughts on “No”

  1. That’s an old-fashioned moralist view. Today’s yoof would consider being fitter equivalent to being a better person.

  2. I’m not sure how concentrating on which nostril to breathe through improves anything, TBH.

    I love the suggestion that meditation helps deal with stress. If you have 30 minutes a day to spend on pondering the sound of one hand clapping, I venture to suggest that your life really isn’t all that stressful.

  3. “​It’s now arguably more of a lifestyle than a form of exercise in the west​”

    Brigid’s totally right: that is a very arguable sentence

  4. @ Chris Miller
    If you have a stressful life and spend 30 minutes a day on Yoga you transfer some of the stress to whoever has to do your job during your yoga period as well as doing their own job full time.

  5. There’s something wrong or misleading with the numbers quoted in that article.

    “Take a look at the market for yoga mats. According to market research company Technavio, the US yoga and exercise mat business is expected to climb from $11bn (£8bn) now to $14bn”

    doing tim’s order of magnitude thing…

    11 billion dollar yoga mat business in 2015 NA?
    20 million yoga people in US.

    550 bucks for a mat that is expected to be replaced every year?

    Surely that’s not the average price for a mat?

  6. Hallowed Be,

    Yoga and exercise mat business. Does that mean things like gym mats and trampoline mats, and the mats used for physio and the like, and, well a huge range of mats not used for yoga. If so, I am happy to believe the figure.

    And the mats used for yoga can also be used for pilates or bodypump etc. So whilst the figure might be accurate, it is almost worst than useless for telling us anything about yoga.

  7. Watchman..
    yeah its probably a genuine number but mislabeled, or does not apply solely to Yoga and exercise mats. Still a big number though and If Brigid had worked out the unit price of the figures she was supplied she would have known she wasn’t talking about 20 million little yoga mats being sold per year.

  8. The people I know who do yoga are snotty.

    ‘make you a better person?’

    Seems to make people jerks. A worse person.

  9. Reminds me of the answer given to HR in a workshop by one of our older engineers at the time to the suggestion that a walk around the building would reduce stress
    If he had time to walk around the building he wouldn’t be bloody stressed in the first place

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