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No Jonathan, no

It’s the contradictions, which are legion. We did this supposedly to stop sending money to the EU, yet now we’re negotiating over how many tens of billions we’ll pay into Brussels coffers (this time getting nothing in return).

It’s not a divorce bill. As the EU itself says, it’ what we have already agreed to pay. It is what we would pay if we stayed in.

5 thoughts on “No Jonathan, no”

  1. “it’s what we have already agreed to pay”

    The real question is ‘what should be done with the assets ?’

    We had an agreement and we should honour it, however that should be conditional on the fair and honourable division of the assets.

    If we don’t get our share of the house we won’t be paying any maintenance.

  2. Hold on, shouldn’t it be *us* getting maintainance. *We’re* the ones fleeing an abusive relationship, *they’re* the ones keeping all the assets.

  3. As St Jacob of Mogg pointed out – does anyone think that, if the UK were a net recipient, Barnier would be chasing after us demanding they must continue to pay after we had left?

  4. Chris Miller,

    If Michael Barnier were a man of honour then of course he would fulfill his part of the bargain.

  5. @Tim Worstall

    …It is what we would pay if we stayed in [EU].

    We’re not staying in their club. EU is not a polygamous marriage. Leave and membership fees end.

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