No, no, we planned it this way

Cause of major fire at waste plant in Raikes Lane, Bolton, ‘likely to be a fault’

9 thoughts on “No, no, we planned it this way”

  1. The watch chief quote could have come from vito corleone: “The cause is not going to be suspicious, it is going to be a fault.”

  2. “The fire did not affect the recycling centre at Hurstwood Court.”

    No, it didn’t affect it at all. Apart from the roadblock. And all the fire engines. And the flood.

    I’m still driving around today with bags of empty bottles and cans in the boot.

  3. @ dearieme
    Tim means that the person *refuses* to suspect arson (or a lightning strike or someone putting in a component of an explosive device in the recycling while someone else innocently put in a complementary component).
    How on earth can he/she know that it is a fault before he/she knows what has happened?

  4. a tyre place in Essex went up a year or two ago and the owners mysteriously legged it. I assume it was a cheaper way of disposing of the tyres than following current environmental regulations. It was burning for weeks.

  5. It’s a fairly common issue – I seem to recall a unit in Stoke when up in smoke a few months back with thousands of tons of plastic “recycling” waste stored in it… must of been purely coincidence that the company in question had taken payment to dispose of all this stuff, then just happened to have gone bankrupt!

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