Not great but not bad either

As a joke that is:

She said: “Harry can’t actually fly a helicopter so they had to make him co-pilot. “So he just sits there going ‘vroom vroom”.

Others know more than me on this but isn’t the co-pilot the one who kills people?

Ms Dent Coad also made inflammatory remarks about the Queen’s husband, telling the audience: “The Queen might want to step back when she hasn’t got her (cough, cough) soulmate beside her.” She added in an aside: “He’s been mucking about for years, he’s not been a faithful husband.”

You’ve had a word with Jezza about his love life, have you?

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  1. The clue is in the job description. “Pilot” is someone who flies an aircraft. If HRH wasn’t a pilot, he’d be designated a crewman. Its quite possible that he wasn’t the captain of the a/c.

  2. I wonder how she knows what Prince Harry’s service involved given 2 Labour MPs have served in the armed forces.

    This conference is an embrassment of riches. From Labour claiming their economic policies would cause a run on the pound to the blind eye to antisemitism and the parading of icons of Saint Jeremy. In normal times they would be a laughing stock. Sadly we aren’t in normal times.

  3. The co-pilot on a British Army Apache is flight qualified (you can spot the pilot’s wings on Harry when he is in uniform) and, yes, operates the weapons systems.

    “Captain of the aircraft” is usually the senior flight-qualified officer on the crew (except in some training scenarios). Who could be either pilot or co-pilot.

  4. @JuliaM

    It’s vaguely terrifying.

    Like finding out there’s a 8% chance an asteroid is going to destroy the earth next year or that a few werewolves actually exist and could start multiplying exponentially if not caught soon.

    You don’t want to believe in a Corbyn government and you still can’t imagine it but it seems you can no longer dismiss it as a myth or impossibility.

  5. Oh that’s humour is it Ms Dent-Coad? Well love,here’s my attempt; at about the same level as yours:

    If Labour wants to make women MPS just to make up the number, you’d think they’d choose lookers instead of fat moose.

  6. Is Ms Dent-Coad the same Ms Dent-Coad that was on the Kensington and Chelsea TMO overseeing cladding of council tenement buildings? That Ms. Dent-Coad?

    What will be funny is when she is brought up on charges of corporate manslaughter.

  7. I’m not sure that the danger of a Labour government is that great – I can’t see the northern and midland towns they hung on to last time (see Barrow or Bolsover) sticking with them on the present course, and I am not sure if their support amongst young people might not have peaked. Corbyn will not be the new thing but part of the establishment next time.

    And the Conservatives might even have a vision and a leader…

  8. “Speaking at a fringe event at the party’s annual conference in Brighton Ms Dent Coad – who is the elected MP for the Royal family, embarked on an extraordinary rant”

    the elected MP for the Royal Family- Nicholas Soame’s shadow?

  9. She is a malevolent looking old cunt–just the sort of socialistic scum you can imagine signing death warrants or knitting next to the guillotine.

    How these vermin get the brass neck to posturing as moralists with 150 million corpses on their score sheet so far baffles me.

    The entire ZaNu conference has been an overflowing sewer of Marxist shite.

    But BluLabour is the real issue.

    Corbog can’t win outright. But the Fish Faced Cow is the Tories greatest liability ever. She is treason with a minge.

  10. A 96-year-old has been mucking around for years?
    If the helicopter pilot gets shot will saying “Vroom, vroom” keep the helicopter up in the air?
    Ms Dent Coad appears determined to make herself a favourite source of quotes for the Grauniad reporters before the manslaughter charges catch up with her so that they will weigh in to defend her.

  11. Her defending herself doesn’t make her look better:

    “Somebody else will tell me whether or not that’s true but I’ve been told that’s an absolute fact that somebody sits beside him and drives the helicopters for him.”

    So her absolute facts may or may not be true. She doesn’t get that Harry was rather busy firing the weapons and killing her terrorist friends while someone else is ‘driving’ the helicopter. That doesn’t mean Harry can’t fly the thing if required. There is no end to her ignorance.

  12. She says she will hold her hand up if proved wrong. What’s the betting she’ll go home and hide rather than expose her hairy armpit and admit she’s wrong.

    This is the problem when people win ‘unwinnable’ seats. They show themselves to be a donkey just put up to lose gracefully.

  13. ‘She is a malevolent looking old cunt–just the sort of socialistic scum you can imagine signing death warrants or knitting next to the guillotine.’

    That line is almost poetic – brilliant!

    She does come across as a ghastly harridan, especially as she was only elected through illegal votes from those based in buildings like Grenfell Tower who cast them illegally and fraudulently..

  14. @JuliaM, September 27, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    @Henry Crun: the very one indeed, and she’ll never see a day in the dock over it, you mark my words…

    Agree, she will claim evil men bullied her into approving cladding contract and/or it was written by men and too technical/complicated for a woman to understand


  15. I’ve listened to extracts from Corbyn’s conference speech, and it is now clear that Grenfell was caused by evil capitalists and that rent controls will ensure it can never happen again. No need for any enquiry.

  16. DevonChap – “Her defending herself doesn’t make her look better:“Somebody else will tell me whether or not that’s true but I’ve been told that’s an absolute fact that somebody sits beside him and drives the helicopters for him.””

    No it does not. Because – and I could be wrong about this – I have a sneaking suspicion that on the Apache the pilot and co-pilot are in tandem. One above the other. Not side by side.

    With the pilot behind and above and the weapons officer in front.

    Told by whom I wonder?

  17. I have a mate that flies Apaches; apparently the “co-pilot” is the better pilot and sits in the front seat. They need to be able to fly the chopper and control the weapons systems, the “pilot” at the back just needs to know how to bug out if things get really dicey.

  18. @James in NZ, September 28, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks, makes a lot of sense.

    To be simplistic for the harridan: co-pilot means what it says. Does she believe BA co-pilots can’t fly the plane?

    If HRH Harry couldn’t fly it, he’d be called Weapons Controller(?) like those on eg C130 Spectre.

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