On The Guardian’s the Colour of Power report

But their real error lies in their complete refusal to even engage with the subject of age cohorts. They draw their numbers for BAME Britons from the 2011 census. Which is the right source, it’s the best we’ve got, it gives us some 12.5 per cent of the population as such. But that same census also lays out that ethnic composition by age group. Among those over 85 – what we might call the top dogs of the last generation, or at least those they were drawn from – we’ve about 2 per cent BAME. Among those under 4 we seem to have some 21 per cent BAME. It’s a reasonable gradient between those two as well.

Large scale immigration is a fairly recent phenomenon. As such, the portion of BAME Britons declines as we work our way up through the age cohorts. Sure, we can all argue about which group we should be using as our proper comparator here, maybe it’s those past 50, or past 55, but we do start to get to groups which are some 7 and 8 per cent BAME when we consider those we think will have risen to float on the cesspool of national power.

It’s a truly terrible report.

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  1. I’d also be interested in whether there was any difference within the BAME community. If I was Chinese heritage why should I be lumped in those of Afro-Caribbean heritage and vice versa.

    Suppose one group had a reputation for being hand-working, and law abiding with a strong family and business ethic and the other group did not? Could that affect outcomes?

    And whilst it’s true that there are areas of society where bias could easily survive (such as politics) aren’t we always told that evil neo-liberal businesses are interested only in profit? It would be an idiot and a loser who allowed prejudice to affect business decisions. Premier League football doesn’t seem to be suffering ab absence of BAME players.

  2. Surely the age difference can explain lots of things – the amount immigrants pay in tax (which for some reason is never compared to the amount native born of the same age) and the number of people from BAME background are in prison (which likewise is never age compared).

  3. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Anon – I’m sure the Guardian will get right on a report about the Colour of Crime.

    Any moment now.

  4. Probably another error in lumping the Bs, As and MEs all together. Certainly football has a huge number of Bs, not so many As or MEs.

  5. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Jimmers – bloody hell, great find. That’s the motherlode of clownworld sociology and femalelogic.txt.

    For Natasha Hooper, the most important part of pre-date preparation isn’t getting her hair done, waxing her legs or buying a new dress.

    Instead, she is more preoccupied with composing a list of conversational topics which she hopes will bridge the gap between her highbrow preoccupations, and the more mainstream interests of her dates.

    Waiting in a bar for a young man a few weeks ago, she ran through possible options, before settling on the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. A surefire way, the 22-year-old undergraduate reasoned, to guarantee an interesting debate.

    Nothing says “do me like a caveman” like talkin’ ’bout Jez.

    Yet while the 30-year-old office worker who sat down in front of her was handsome, polite and smartly-dressed, the minute Natasha brought up the Labour leader’s policies, any spark of attraction was extinguished. ‘When I mentioned Jeremy Corbyn he said: “Who’s that?” I couldn’t believe it,’ says Natasha.

    😀 Heart of stone, etc.

    she is one of a growing breed of women who fear — perhaps with good reason — they will be left on the proverbial shelf because of a shortage of educated men.

    This is why my pension investments are in cat food companies.

    A recent study found more than 90 per cent of predominantly graduate women surveyed were delaying motherhood not to pursue careers, but because they couldn’t find a suitable man.

    Yarp. Women are social climbers, so would rather die alone than marry someone they wrongly perceive to be a social inferior, such as a plumber or a brickie. The illusion that having a degree confers status will die hard.

    Some were so despairing they were considering freezing their eggs as an insurance policy.

    If trying to get him all hot and bothered with the Jez talk didn’t work, imagine how sexed up he’ll be when he hears about your gamete ice lollies.

    ‘Men may claim to want educated women, but don’t know how to deal with those they meet and some say they’re intimidated by me,’ says Natasha

    To be fair, boffins can be pretty abstruse so maybe she’s an astrophysicist or one of them Large Hadron Collider people or…

    Like many arts degrees, her media and communications course is dominated by female students


    She prefers instead to date older men she meets through her part-time job as a nightclub promoter.

    Yet even more mature men fail to show the requisite enthusiasm for her university projects — which include a radio documentary she recently produced on ‘the pressure that black women are under to adhere to white beauty stereotypes’.

    I am Steve’s complete lack of surprise.

    These vignettes are pitch perfect:

    The sense of achievement I derive from learning seems alien to most men,’ says Becca […]

    Becca Porter, who graduated last year from Manchester University with a joint honours degree in history and sociology (right), and is now starting a masters in disability studies at Leeds University

    I’m sure her various bits of paper from a toilet-tier university will be of some comfort when her ovaries dry up and the closest thing she has to a child shits in a box in the kitchen.

  6. Jimmers–The 41 year old looks in quite good nick for her age.

    However, are we really s’posed to believe that she can’t find any blokes other than UFOnauts and Harry Potter fans.

    My suspicion is that it is likely that she is an awkward cow of epic proportions and that is why she is unmarried at 41 despite–she says– being keen to be.

  7. Look, love ask yourself: Would any intelligent man want to talk about “media and communication”, Corbyn, “disability studies” or what you are studying on your left-wing “social policy” course?

  8. The woman from goldsmiths doing the media comms degree isnt half as clever or educated as she thinks she is.

    Exhibit A – Goldsmiths University.
    Exhibit B – Media Communications
    Exhibit C – Thinks the above means you are educated and ‘too smart’ for men.

    I bet you we would all find her incredibly underwhelming in both educated knowledge and intellect.

    Still I suppose I was quite arrogant about myself at that age, perhaps I still am.

  9. Rob Harries et al, note the arrogance. All these women expect their dates to be extremely interested in them. At no point is it mentioned that they made an effort to be interested in what their dates do or find interesting choosing instead to look down their noses. If they are looking for a bit of rough it should come as no surprise that these blokes are, well, a bit rough.

    If I went on a date with any of them and they started wittering on about wimminz studies they definitely would find themselves alone after the starter and left footing the bill. Best fun I ever had on a date was with a lovely tattooed rock chick who liked the same bands and films as me. Shared interests, see. It ain’t difficult.

  10. Henry Crun “All these women expect their dates to be extremely interested in them.”

    My most successful chat-up strategy. Just say “wow, that’s really interesting” every now and then and don’t stare at her tits.

  11. Small point but on the basis people often meet their partners at ‘Uni”, I wonder how many straight men are on the masters in disability course? I’m hazarding a guess at zero to none. Maybe a mangina. Also notice how that almost in passing they mention that women earn more than men up to age of 29….but I thought there was this massive gender pay gap?

  12. @Rob Harries
    “The woman from goldsmiths doing the media comms degree isnt half as clever or educated as she thinks she is.”

    @Mr Ecks
    Lots of men marry women who don’t have interests which are the same as them – why do these women lower their expectations a bit. If I had wanted to marry a female version of myself, I would have had no chance.

  13. Right lets do this Fairly:

    Natasha – I think this is a case of expressed versus revealed preferences. She says she wants someone to talk about JC and politics. There are plenty of men inside and outside university who are happy to do so, and do so well (me for example and nearly all my male friends I’ve ever made) so supply isnt an issue.

    But let us look at who she dates: handsome office worker, she she obviously didnt find out if he liked politics before accepting a date so she doesnt filter at all; a DJ, well a DJ might want to talk about such things but the probability is low, to me she is quite clearly attracted to cool good looking men from the nightlife scene. That is her revealed preference despite her expressed preference of finding an intellectually stimulating male, of which there are loads, and many more who could easily deal with a media and comms UG from goldsmiths. Furthermore, she is 22 and still has many years searching and dating ahead of her. I dont see what she is or why she is complaining about.

    She may be actually quite clever if her goal was to get mentioned and photographed in the paper. After all you can be clever even if you are not particularly well educated or proficient in intellectual pursuits.

    Becca – She has the strongest academic credentials and interests out of all of them.

    Lets look at her selection: “She has dated around eight men in total — all non-graduates.” – That might explain it. There are plenty of men who do like talking about the things she does, a lot of them will be at uni with her. Perhaps she should join the debating society or something.

    “So why doesn’t Becca date fellow students? Because, she says, of the class divide.” – All in your head. There are plenty of people doing humanities who quite weirdly arent that much interested in the subject area, but there are plenty people who are. Date them.

    Once again she is only 23 so has plenty in front of her and her choices seem to produce her disappointment and who knows, maybe it is that coupled with something else?

    Andrea – Okay a straight A student who went to Anglia Ruskin ? Okay she did English and German but….really? You went there with straight A’s in the 90s? If that is true, why the hell did you go to an ex-poly of no note!? It is no wonder her classmates were larger louts of geeks if she went there than a red brick where straight A students tend to go.

    Lets look at her selection – “Her longest relationship, for two years, was in her mid-30s with a musician. It ended because she disapproved of his use of cannabis.”

    Right, back to the revealed and expressed preferences. Musicians may be educated and interested in intellectual things, but its not a requirement, nor is it particularly likely that they would be. Something tells me her revealed preferences are different to her expressed ones perhaps?

    And finally, at 41 if you lack a partner it isnt going to be that you are too clever or ‘educated’ for men, especially when you arent professor of maths at cambridge, but a standard graduate. I think there are many other reasons for her singledom and it wont be about her degrees, interests or intellect I can tell you that.

    Therefore: not a real issue and the ‘problem’ faced by these three women is something else entirely.

  14. @Steve

    Ah, man- fuck you. That’s too good just to be a comment on a blog: book a slot at the fringe.

    My thoughts:

    Natasha 22, 8/10 (but nuts)

    Becca 23, 3/10 (and boring)

    Andrea 41, 4/10 (too old, and dull with it. Also- anyone who thinks their intellect is somehow holding them back socially *just isn’t that bright*)

    Aside from that, they seem all to be a bunch of arts-student harridans-in-waiting, endlessly bemoaning that men don’t value them sufficiently whilst treating blokes as some commodity item to be picked over and discarded, when their specification isn’t met.

    Colour me unsurprised they’ve not found anyone.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    These women clearly have aspirations above their station. They are not that smart. They are not that well education. A degree in communications? From Goldsmiths? Come on. She is one step up from a hairdresser.

    But they have a point. Men do not value intelligence in women. Men value reproductive fitness. Which is a polite way of saying a nice pair of breasts. These women think that women like men who have great careers so men should like women who are over-educated too. They do not. They want a peaceful home with some, few, children. Anyone who proves they are a ball buster on their first date – Corbyn? Seriously? – is not worth dating no matter how nice her breasts are.

    We waste their time. Women should not be encouraged to go on to A levels.

  16. I don’t know a vast number of female Cambridge graduates but I do know/have known a few and they are/were all married. So I hardly think that this bunch of second-/third-class intellects are too intelligent to get married.

  17. John77

    So I hardly think that this bunch of self-absorbed second-/third-class intellects are too intelligent to get married.


  18. Bloke in North Dorset

    Going back to daddy issues. I’ll bet that lot spent their childhoods being told by daddy what special princesses they were and that there would be a prince out there for them.

  19. Fascinating thread. For my sins I posed on mumsnet when a lady said she had trouble dating. I put standard stuff that men like women who are interesting, interested have goals but also appear to need a life partner (as opposed to being a single and proud woman who doesn’t need a man) etc. Nothing really that contentious, except it was like a red rag to a bull.

    Some, usually older, people agreeing. Lots of younger ones full of hatred saying sleeping with a man on a first date is no obstacle to a long term relationship as “I have slept with all 8 of my long term boyfriends on a first date”. Yes love. Must redefine “long term” there probably.

    As others have said. Expressed versus revealed preferences come up and lots of young women believe they are superior to men and reveal it in their behaviours. The lot in the article are proof. Happy to settle my arse.

  20. Lordy,
    The photos of the second one go from Olive from “on the buses” to a slight improvement as a kind of Catherine Tate with lockjaw.

  21. Believe it or not, I’ve actually met this Natasha girl.

    She is very pretty. She’s actually a decent conversationalist, and has done some interesting stuff in her life. Much less objectionable than she comes across here.

    I got the feeling she wants to be famous though, and is probably more interested in herself than the men she meets (which st her age I wouldn’t judge too harshly), which is probably why she’s ended up doing this DM article (which I’m less sure was a good decision).

  22. AndrewC,

    “wow, that’s really interesting” every now and then and don’t stare at her tits.

    I see now where I have been going wrong as my strategy has always been to mumble “wow, they’re really interesting” repeatedly whilst ogling her tits.

  23. “one of a growing breed of women who fear they will be left on the proverbial shelf because of a shortage of educated men”

    Wot, are men banned from university nowadays? It was 50/50 between the sexes when I was at uni in the 80s.

  24. A humanities degree from anywhere other than an absolutely top-flight university is an invariable marker of a sub-standard intellect. I can just imagine sobbing with boredom as each of these self-absorbed cows trotted out another right-on bromide expecting you to assume she was in a Vulcan mind-meld with Baruch Spinoza. I bet they’re like walking NuLabour focus groups. I’d rather gnaw my own fucking arm off.

  25. Oblong
    “Believe it or not, I’ve actually met this Natasha girl.

    She is very pretty. She’s actually a decent conversationalist, and has done some interesting stuff in her life. Much less objectionable than she comes across here.

    I got the feeling she wants to be famous though, and is probably more interested in herself than the men she meets (which st her age I wouldn’t judge too harshly), which is probably why she’s ended up doing this DM article ”

    I thought it was just a slightly more sophisticated version of a tinder add. She gets more attention from a wider group of sub-standard males and is happy with it.

  26. DM,

    I doubt she is really having a hard time.getting a suitable.date, her agency profile.states that she is an Actor, Model, Stagehand, and (something else I can’t remember). She did have an article published when she.was 14 (a book review).
    This is probably a paid.job,
    I didn’t bother looking for the.rest because the.whole.article is just clickbait.

  27. I was clearly born too soon. When I was single I found that starting off by discussing the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum electrodynamics never got me laid. Apparently things are different now.

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