Quite the most surprising thing about Kid’s Company and the money

Disgraced Kids Company founder spent £55,000 on ONE drug addict including paying for him to have a ‘chocolate massage’ because it was good for his ‘self-esteem’

How was there any chocolate with Batmanjelleh in the vicinity?

7 thoughts on “Quite the most surprising thing about Kid’s Company and the money”

  1. “She made the comments in an interview with The Sunday Times ahead of the publication of her autobiography, Kids: Child Protection in Britain: The Truth.

    Can she be sued for this under the ASA guidelines?

  2. That an awful, right-on, PC, lefty, know-nothing with ‘tremendous charisma’ like Batmanwhatsherface was not immediately viewed with a giant dollop of natural suspicion by Blair and Cameron tells us much of what we need to know about Blair and Cameron.

  3. Rich friend of mine was under a lot of social pressure from ‘the charitable sector’ to join the herd and donate lots of money to the kids company. They operate very effectively in the whole charity auction, gala dinner, new money and old crooks set. Given he made his money in finance he asked to see the accounts (lots of the other new money in finance made it from trading not actually looking at companies). He was horrified at what he saw and refused outright. Now I can understand how the fast money trader types under pressure from their missus put their hand in their pocket for social cachet, but there should be no such pressure on the civil servants with our money. Oh of course, Sam Cam was pressuring Dave to improve her social cachet with our money…According to my chum, nobody who looked at the accounts for more than 5 minutes could have justified giving them any money. Someone should be held accountable…

  4. The DM describes Camilla as ‘disgraced’ but is that the right word?

    Her charity went belly up it seems through lack of financial competence. Not ideal for the charities benefactors but it does happen and without people being disgraced because of it.

    I thought she had a point that as soon as “sexual abuse” started to be used in the same sentences as Kids company, the gig was up in terms of schmoozing money and free stuff off the great and good.

  5. I’m sticking to my theory that her ridiculous get-up was protective colouration. They used to coat warships in dazzle paint. You could still see them, but it was hard to tell in what direction they were moving.

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