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Re the Berlin Wall

Has anyone else noticed that the wall has now been down for as long at it was up: 1961 to 1989 to 2017?

11 thoughts on “Re the Berlin Wall”

  1. Young adultsemerging from the English education system are ignorant of the Wall and the millions of deaths as a result of communism in practise but spent a month studying the Titanic and a term emoting with child labour in Victorian satanic mills. Ecks, please do some restructuring!

  2. When we went to Checkpoint Charlie some years ago there was a small forest of crosses, each in memory of an escaper who had been killed. Until then I had had no idea how many escaped successfully only to be betrayed in the West and murdered anyway. Nice guys, the Left.

    I understand that that forest was swept away some time ago. Nice guys, the Left.

  3. Went to check point Charlie in 1980 on an inter-rail journey.

    Went back to Berlin in 1996 to visit my new employer’s trading room in East Berlin. It was quite surreal.

  4. Another Fun Fact, probably true for most of us:

    The period between the end of the First World War and my birth is less than the period between my birth and the present day.

  5. I do a similar calculation for classic novels: date of publication to my first reading to the present. The first one to trip for me was Malcolm Bradbury’s “The History Man”.

  6. I was in the first few weeks of my degree course and still diligent. I should have had the courage of my convictions and finagled myself to Berlin somehow, First time I was there was 1995 and East Berlin was starting to fill up with little bistros etc..

    I do the timespan thing as well. Back from my birthday as far as now is forward and White Castle has just opened its first restaurant.

  7. I visited Berlin in 1962,and then again in 1964.travelling along the Autobahn.It is not a nice feeling knowing that the soldiers sitting behind the machine guns overlooking the road are quite prepared to open fire if they feel so inclined . .

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