The Government is stepping up pressure on Silicon Valley giants to take responsibility for unlawful material online and share the spoils of the internet with media companies.

It’s like the car industry having to share the cash with the coach and horses.

11 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Sadly a lot of Silicon Valley are hewn from the same SJW stock as most Governments, and will only too gladly do their bidding.

  2. There is a movement in the U.S. to clamp down on the techs’ manipulation of output, spearheaded by Tucker Carlson. As IR notes, the techs are Lefties. Google searches give you SJW results. The techs are editing their output. An abuse of their monopolistic positions.

  3. Some countries have (or had) a levy on blank cassette tapes, the revenues of which were distributed to various national music industry bodies. So there is a precedent for “sharing the spoils”. That doesn’t make it right, of course.

    The broader point is that YouTube (in particular; others are guilty too) uses and distributes copyrighted music without paying a penny to copyright holders. As an artist, you can tell YouTube that you’d like to be paid for your content; but you have to agree to their rates and their terms; and there’s no option to remove your content entirely. It’s perfectly reasonable for the government to investigate this situation.

  4. This is a really marvellous bit of lobbying by existing media dressed up as news. Note how they crowbarred the “taking responsibility for unlawful material” into it, even though it has absolutely fuck all to do with old media picking the pockets of the new.

  5. I would have been dead set against this up until the Damore affair. Now I say fuck ’em. Anti-trust the bejeezus out of ’em for all I care.

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