So, this tells me then!

Richard Murphy says:
September 17 2017 at 1:14 pm
Worstall’s weakness is a total lack of economic wisdom mixed with a surfeit of neoliberal knowledge

And I’m the one pointing out, recall, that gilts having market value above nominal or par is a result of falling market interest rates since some of those gilts were issued.

Just as the Bank for International Settlements tells us in fact.

But isn’t that lovely? It’s a problem to have a surfeit of knowledge?

4 thoughts on “So, this tells me then!”

  1. And this is good, too:

    Jimmy H says:
    September 16 2017 at 10:17 pm
    The fact that you ban people who are trying to point out your misunderstandings is seriously embarrassing.

    Richard Murphy says:
    September 17 2017 at 7:59 am
    My only embarrassment comes from not deleting mindless followers of neoliberal trolls with the inability to think beyond some mindless formulas somewhat earlier

  2. Tim, you can’t fix stupid and there is no one more stubbonly stupid than Murphy.- he can’t even recognise when he is being insulted in the comments.

  3. The comments are absolutely hysterical – the article itself is so inept I am honestly surprised the guy actually gets out of bed without breaking his neck. He exhibits less understanding of bonds than someone starting at my workplace would after 24 hours – embarrassing is the right word….

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