So what should Caribbean islands be doing then?

And it should finally be helping these territories to diversify their economies away from tax havens for corporations and the super-rich.

Anyone got any bright ideas? Because the rest of us really don’t know.

OK, the Sage of Ely says they should become transparency havens but there’s not a great deal of call for that if we’re honest. Anything else?

23 thoughts on “So what should Caribbean islands be doing then?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Magical unicorn farts! What else does an economy need?

    I like the “ponies for everyone!” approach of the Labour Party. It is right we give money to Africans rather than these nominally British islands, after all how would the Ethiopian pop music scene thrive without us?, but that the government ought to find even more money to give these islands without ending support for India’s Mars probe.

    You know, some times I think I am being trolled, but we all know the answer here. The problem is that these islands have a population that is a little …. diverse. Take an island and fill it with Scots and you get New Zealand. Take an island and fill it with Indians and you get the richest country in Africa – which is not saying much – the corrupt sh!thole that is Mauritius. Take an island and fill it with Africans and you get the crime ridden wasteland that is Jamaica.

    Begging rich White people to come is pretty much their best bet.

  2. Attach a rope to Murphy’s fat floater of a carcass and tow the island to safer inshore waters where American tourists can get there with only a short ferry ride.

  3. You can’t win with Ritchie – if you become a regulated gambling den with casinos and online slots then he condemns you.
    If you licence drugs and prostitution you’re condemned for condoning exploitation.
    He’s already condemned issuing building permits for rich people.
    And if you declare a tax-free enterprise zone then you’re back to being a tax haven in the eyes of Snippa.

  4. Tourism is already pretty saturated on most of them. The seas are fished out. No-one’s going to build manufacturing facilities in hurricane zones. So it’s drugs, gambling or prostitution, like Havana used to be before Castro. And with the best will in the world there’s a finite market for those.

  5. although one interesting example is being set by Puerto Rico, where the demographics of the population and its relative isolation make it ideal for large-scale medical tests. Its government is actively pursuing a policy of transforming the populace into well-paid guinea pigs.

  6. Arrange to receive their income in tax free grants. That way they don’t pay tax AND simultaneously they aren’t a tax haven.

  7. I think I know what Ritchie wants.
    A whole series of Lairs. Owned by groups such as the banking arm of Co-Op rather than by evil geniuses of course, and paying the exact taxes on the islands that Ritchie wants.

  8. I support what TJ says. On a tour around Antigua once – old slave plantations and the like – our guide asserted that we did have a debt to the islands. However, they did’t want money as “what would be the point?” No, they want “access to your markets”.

    So, if the Guardian wants to help the Caribbean so much, let’s leave the EU. Transition periods be damned.

  9. The answer lies in McBee, South Carolina.

    As I drive through there on the way to the beach, I always ask myself, “What do these people here do?” In fact, I ask myself that driving through most towns in South Carolina.

    ‘And it should finally be helping these territories to diversify their economies away from tax havens for corporations and the super-rich.’

    In fact, the people HAVE found something to do, and Boris, Ritchie, et al wants to take it away from them. Because they love them.

    ‘These are national disasters in British territories, but the government is not living up to its responsibility for dealing with the outcomes’

    The government has no such responsibility.

    And beware giving it to them, as they will then take AUTHORITY, to do and direct as they please.

    ‘The government should be finding seed funding from across Whitehall and using it to leverage extra private investment.’

    Oh, here they go, picking winners.

    ‘It would make a mockery of the UK’s hard-earned reputation as a global leader in international development.’

    It is now know that foreign aid is destructive, sapping incentive for local development. UK is a global leader in destruction of local economies. Hard-earned, though.

    ‘Last week we heard harrowing accounts from people in Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands asking where the support was from the British government – a government that has the responsibility for protecting these territories.’

    The damn government didn’t stop the hurricanes! Time to demand elections!

    ‘history will judge them accordingly’

    Ooooo, they’re real skeert.

  10. That bastard William Wilberforce! They were fine when they were slaves …

    (Although an Independent, WW supported his friend Pitt’s minority government – so he was some sort of a Tory at heart. He was also a devout Christian.)

  11. Murphy’s plan for the Caribbean:

    1) State the need for development.
    2) Wait for someone else to do something.
    3) Criticize them when they do, but it isn’t what he’d have done had he actually bothered to do something.
    4) Rinse.
    5) Repeat.

  12. @ Excavator Man
    Pitt supported Eilberforce so Wilberforce’s support of Pitt could have been part of his Abolitionist strategy.

  13. @ DocBud
    The Central American isthmus has advantages so banana-growing does not provide islanders with the standard of living to which we have become accustomed.

  14. TJ
    Yes, and to abolish subsidies to British sugar beet growers who are misusing land that could produce grain or peas and beans (or both – crop rotation produces better crops with less need for notrogenous fertiliser)

  15. Presumably they can all print their way back to wealth, as that seems to be the preferred option of all right minded Professors these days……………….

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