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Someone with good Google Fu needed

Rowntree and his assistants went out on to the streets of York in 1897 to investigate. Armed with notebooks, they criss-crossed the city, frequently passing the place where Deliveroo couriers would congregate more than a century later. They visited more than 45,000 people in the following two years, asking how much they earned, what they paid in rent, what food they bought, and all manner of other questions about their lives. Rowntree made sure to compile information on wages from local employers and to consult the latest medical research on the number of calories men, women and children needed to consume every day.

What were the calorie numbers Rowntree used?

Be rather interesting to compare that with average diets today, no?

12 thoughts on “Someone with good Google Fu needed”

  1. “The sight of workers standing in large groups waiting for work would have been familiar to the residents of British cities such as York more than a century ago. “

    Oh, I wager those ‘large groups of workers’ would have looked quite different more than a century ago…

  2. Not as far back as the 19th century but I expect the story is similar.

    “George Orwell correctly noted in 1946 – during the darkest austerity years – that Britons were consuming ‘about 2,800 or 2,900 calories a day’ which, although considered meagre at the time, is significantly more than the amount recommended today (Orwell, 1946). The physicality of life and work in the 1940s meant that obesity was rare.
    Indeed, it appears that a diet of less than 2,900 calories per day led to Britons losing weight (Harries and Hollingsworth, 1953: 77).”

    From The Fat Lie by Chris Snowdon.

    We are eating less fat, less sugar and fewer calories than we used to.

    People are getting fat because of lack of activity.

    I recall (vaguely) that even in German labour camps in WWII workers were supposed to get 2,500 calories a day.

  3. I’m on week 6 of a sub-1200 kcal diet. I’ve lost over 8kg so far. But then I’m desk-bound most of the time…

    The recommended 2000 (wimminz) and 2500 (men) per day is based on a sedentary lifestyle, which was the sole preserve of the educated middle and upper classes back in Orwell’s day. Whereas it’s rather common now.

  4. I’m going with a sedentary lifestyle and central heating as the causes for any alleged obesity ‘epidemic’ which may be out there.

  5. So, he did his research, and as a result, invented the fruit pastille.

    And now we’re all obese.

    What a bastard.

  6. @BiIT: The phasing out of standing up work and its replacement by sittin gdown work.

    Soon to be followed by the phasing out of standing up peeing and its replacement by sitting down peeing…

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