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I sincerely hope that the UK government does supply all the assistance required to these places, as they will also do to those other places without such support. But I make the point that if we are to honour our responsibilities, then so should they. The British Caribbean tax havens can only exist because of the guarantee that the UK supplies, the legal system that the UK supplies and the regulation that we support. There is a cost to that. We will bear ours, but it’s not unreasonable to expect that those places who need us to do so respond in kind. That means they deliver accounts on public record, registers of beneficial ownership of companies and trusts for all to inspect and new regimes of transparency in all that they do.

And for those who think this isn’t the time to ask I would point out that even neoliberals think that the role of government is to act as a back stop. When the governments of the UK’s Caribbean tax havens rely on us to take that role then now is precisely the time to remind them of their reciprocal responsibilities, whilst continuing to supply all the support that is needed.

The two islands which have been devastated are Barbuda, which is a fully independent member of the Commonwealth as part of the sovereign state of Antigua and Barbuda, and St Martin, which is a French/Dutch condominium of some sort.

In what way are these UK Caribbean tax havens?

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  1. And what a grotesque sentiment, to be gIbing with menaces like this.

    And how ironic that he is saying this at the same time he wishes are government to pay over tens of billions to the giant protection racket that is the EU, without asking them for anything in return.

  2. He’s just a cunt. Or Twunt as has been coined.

    He’d want people to produce their last tax return before receiving medical help as they lay dying in the road after being hit by a bus.

  3. The malicious fat creep needs to be hanged.

    With his sudden interest in West Indian affairs perhaps there is some way to convince the Clinton Crime family that he is trying to poke about investigating their Haiti tax fraud.

    They’ll arrange for his exit faster than he can type ” I have no intention of committing sui….”

  4. Tim

    This is a guy who was an integral part of the Tax Justice Network before they realised what a complete asshole he was. They considered Norway, New Zealand and Germany as ‘secrecy jurisdictions’ – what is the purpose of dialogue with such beings? Their discourse is not bounded by conventional rationality.

    I would also echo the sentiments of the excellent Ironman – what kind of person uses a natural disaster to advance a political agenda? Probably the same type of person who ‘could see people much like himself’ on a trip to Dachau…..

  5. @Van Patten

    “Probably the same type of person who ‘could see people much like himself’ on a trip to Dachau…..”

    I thought that Dachau was famous for it’s lack of the lardy? Or is Ritchie anorexic, and has failed to understand what Dachau was? After all, when he looks in the mirror he sees a fat man…

  6. This is a new nadir in The LHTD’s contribution to public discourse – hundreds, maybe thousands, dead and unburied, a hurricane still wreaking havoc, massive damage going on right now. It’s an obvious time for the pompous windbag to turn and start talking about MOAR TAXES. Let’s not forget that he was suggesting military action against these islands recently if they didn’t comply with his tax demands. Vile, vile, vile, shameless, wretched little tosspot.

  7. Just when you think the odious creep has reach the nadir of repulsiveness, he goes lower.

    To paraphrase a Hungarian expression, Murphy’s morals and social aims are underneath the arse of a frog at the bottom of a coal mine.

  8. What an utter cunt. Marvel at the sort of person who calls themselves a Quaker and then demands their governments open up the accounts before sending life-saving aid. What sort of mind thinks like that?

    What an evil fucking bastard.

  9. Dear Mr Murphy,
    Unfortunately we are unable to provide the company records you request as they are now scattered over several hundred square miles.

  10. Ok, he doesn’t specifically demand it as a pre-condition of the aid but to even mention it, nudge nudge, nice island you’ve got here, shame if it got hurt, etc.

    A conservative saying this would have been burned to death on Twitter.

  11. Rob

    I think at the last count he had blocked over 10,000 ‘neoliberal trolls’ on Twitter so in fairness if he hadn’t done that he would be being roasted alive….

  12. VP

    I seem to remember Hans was one of the erstwhile commentators who had a brief spell of fame on TRUK before being banned?

    Is the real Hans a (deceased) example of the “right-thinking people agree with me” who Murphy alludes to often to support his fascist policies?

  13. Noel

    ‘These places all set out to undermine the world’s tax systems’

    once more – I would ask, in the event a North Korean defector had managed to salt away money offshore (admittedly unlikely) would he consider it ‘undesirable’ that the ‘north Korean tax system was being undermined’ – words fail me, even taking into account the odiousness of making such a demand while the disaster is ongoing. can anyone imagine what would have happened if Tim had made a similar demand in the wake of Grenfell Tower? He would need armed security? Absolutely extraordinary, and confirming his well-earned reputation as one of the most evil men in Britain, if not the world.

  14. I would suggest a Caribbean witch doctor might want to visit some sort of pestilence on the vile Prof but, judging by his unhealthy complexion, he’s already suffering from an unpleasant skin disease and defective sweat glands.

  15. Should we be giving overseas aid at all, even to hillocks in the offshores?

    At least the French and the Dutch have the decency to park some boats out there. Aid in the right place. The UK spends a fortune propping wannabe dictators in the Turks n Caicos but an old RAF flying boat and an oddly dressed policeman, and Boris Johnson, ain’t going to be up to Rees-Mogg’s abortion test.

    If we can argue we shouldn’t spend aid money on African nations because of endemic corruption, we shouldn’t spend aid on overseas territories with endemic corruption.

    Who the fuck cares about them anyway? Dirty wogs.

  16. He’s becoming the perfect lefty archetype.

    Do what a nasty evil Tory of the 1880’s might do, but do it wearing your “virtuous lefty” cloak which makes you immune to criticism.

    The niggers are just pawns…

    I hope that the more people he meets, who might express mere distaste for his written words, will, when meeting the foul blob of ordure that is Murphy, begin to ignore him.

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