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Tee hee

An Uber driver terror suspect arrested outside Buckingham Palace had originally headed for Windsor Castle but his SatNav sent him to a pub of the same name instead.

There’s the beginning of an Ealing comedy there.

10 thoughts on “Tee hee”

  1. Notice the subtle insertion of the fact that he was ‘an Uber driver’. How is this even slightly relevant? There is a clear (and sinister) attempt to maintain the existing taxi monopolies all around the world, each country putting its own spin. Thus in the UK they are terrorists, in the US they are racist and sexist etc.

  2. It’s all part of the propaganda from Pravda. On their web site today I saw sale of inefficient vacuum cleaners to end headline. No mention of the EU, and the Green agenda to stop supplying us with enough energy for our needs. At least in the headline. The article itself might have been more balanced, but I didn’t want to waste nay more of my life on it. But I bet there’s millions of people up and down the country going, you know what maybe leaving is a good idea, we won’t have to suffer nay more of this shit.

    Will you be able to charge your electric car and still hoover the house with your new efficient vacuum cleaner I wonder?

  3. The only Windsor castle pub that I know is actually the pub next to London Business School and has a back entrance into the courtyard of the school. Minor economic and business related link.

    More to the point it is just down the road from Regents Park mosque…..

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