They put neckerchiefs around their necks

The BBC might want to check this little translation.

8 thoughts on “They put neckerchiefs around their necks”

  1. The chances of Morris dancing surviving for much longer are slim, given its potential to be the source of outrage from ethnic minorities, feminists, trannies and of course the RoP for a large number of reasons.

  2. @ BraveFart
    Fear not – there are now troupes of lady Morris dancers who are quite handy with their sticks. I doubt that any “brave” feminists will actually pick a fight with *them*.

  3. Tim, of course they wear neckerchiefs around their necks but one or two varieties of Morris dancers wave handkerchiefs instead of sticks.

  4. Bravefart,

    The one morris dancer I know is a feminist, provocateur and generally paid-up member of the right-on thinking tendency (unless she can get a good argument out of disagreeing with something, or someone she likes is getting disadvantaged – she might think the wrong things in my view, but she’s a good person). I think I can guarantee she’d be bad news for anyone trying to ban her hobby. And she has in the past got articles in the Guardian, so I suspect she’d be bad news on a national level…

  5. Hallowed Be,

    It is that desire to go and understand, and display respect to, different cultures that led the Mongols to conqure most of Asia – they weren’t imperialists, but the far more dangerous progressives, seeking to protect cultures and differences by putting them under their hegemony…

    Damn, what was meant to be a throwaway analogy actually makes sense – progressives are as destructive as the Mongols…

  6. Watchman-
    well there is that. And as i think about it, we’re kind of relying on the translation an awful lot in any case (as was tim’s original point).. The mongol probably used some word for handkerchief, The translator looked that up and saw neckerchief as a possible translation and went for that because doh they put it round their neck. But if the mongol word was so specific then it wouldn’t have made sense to say they “look everyone they put it round their neck!”.
    And so it is with my quote. the translator rendered it “this shows each country has its own culture” but just as likely to have mongolese for “there’s nowt as daft as folk”

  7. I have often thought that the England Rugby team should perform a Morris dance in reply to the All Blacks Haka. I think E ngland might get at least 3 tries past the ABs before they have finished laughing.

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