What, actually, does “Beloved” mean?

Why is beloved Joe Biden trying to squash a progressive debate?
Everybody loves Uncle Joe! But he wants to shut down the debate on Universal Basic Income with stern Dad politics

I think with respect to Joe Biden, that “beloved” means yes, sure, he’s an idiot but he’s our idiot, OK?

A slimmer and less articulate version of John Prescott perhaps.

11 thoughts on “What, actually, does “Beloved” mean?”

  1. I’ve always heard him called ‘Creepy Joe Biden” for his habit of touching little girls and young women.

    Perhaps I read different publications that the Salon journo.

  2. This is also the chap who protested about The Donald retweeting the golfball/Hillary gif. His complaint was literally that we should “think of the children.”

  3. Biden is a very dodgy character.

    He likes standing behind girls just on the cusp of puberty in line-ups –on stage in front of crowds for Christ’s sake– and touching their hair. In one such Youtube video cataloguing his antics he sticks his hand in a girls hair and then leaves it there as she walks round towards backstage–thus having her hair pull thro his fingers.

    Anyone other than a leftist polipig would have been arrested and charged with fiddling.

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