When black men stop shooting them

From our new series, questions in Salon we can answer:

When will black men feel safe in America?

13 thoughts on “When black men stop shooting them”

  1. Knowing Me, Knowing Steve

    These articles always make me suspect they’re taking about black fellas on Mars or something.

    Here on Earth, they’re generally not pussies.

  2. ‘New York’s justice system mirrors everything they thought they’d left in the South.’

    New York: Where you can dis the South without concern.

  3. Surreptitious Evil – “When would they _feel_ safe?”

    Well we can answer that without too much trouble – they do already. A small number of race-baiting loons may say otherwise but we know that Blacks feel safe. After they are protesting. If they genuinely felt the police were out to get them, they would be in hiding. Just as in the Sixties, Blacks only riot where spineless White liberals hellbent on appeasing Black radicals are in charge. They did not riot in the South because they knew they there would be a robust police response.

    We know they do because planes going back to Africa are not full of people with degrees in African Studies fleeing in fear of their lives.

  4. So Much For Subtlety,
    Indeed, much like those forever shouting about how their democratic country is fascists, nazi, etc.
    In societies which actually are fascist or nazi you get to shout that too… once.

    A sadly late friend of mine actually was in a Nazi concentration camp. I’d like to see a 20 year old whiner try to explain to her exactly how their experience equated to hers.

  5. “It’s just more proof climate change is racist…”

    Everything is racist……If it wasn’t, how would’ anti-racists’ get paid?

  6. “Black men in the US are more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by the Police”

    You use white man’s statistics. Every black man knows the Police kill millions of blacks every year.

  7. “You use white man’s statistics. Every black man knows the Police kill millions of blacks every year.”

    Indeed, that’s what every right-thinking person ‘knows’. The idea that they’re being lied to – quite deliberately – doesn’t enter their pretty little heads.

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