Where are you expecting that to come from then?

The just economy
By 2030, we want Britain to have a fairer distribution of economic rewards. A larger
proportion of national income will go into wages and salaries, with an increased
share for those in the bottom half of the income distribution. Both income and
wealth inequalities will have been reduced.

Capital share of the economy is around long term averages.

Mixed income (self employed essentially) is well above average. Tax on consumption and subsidies to production is well above average – that’s the effect of VAT rates rising.

Labour share, the fourth bit, is down, yes. So, we’re to have policies to reduce VAT and self employed earnings are we?

5 thoughts on “Where are you expecting that to come from then?”

  1. If capital share is around long-term average when it’s near impossible to get a return on capital then we have a problem once it becomes possible to get a return on capital.

    If that ever happens, seeing as so much wealth creation requires three fifths of bugger all capital these days.

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