Yes, you’ve already told us this

The result is that the UK remains among the most unequal of western European
countries. The difference in income between the top 10 per cent and the bottom
10 per cent of households is five-fold in Denmark, seven-fold in France and
Germany and 11-fold in Britain (see figure 2.14).

The UK is regionally unequal.

Prices also vary regionally, meaning that consumption inequality is very much lower.

4 thoughts on “Yes, you’ve already told us this”

  1. As I enjoy telling my lefty friends – so what about equality? Who cares?

    Corbyn was on about ti in PMQs, saying at least twice that the CEO of McDonalds makes £11.8m a year, and workers at ‘his’ restaurants don’t. And what is the PM going to do about it?

    This tells us two things:
    1. He has absolutely no idea how markets work and
    2. He think government should intervene in private companies when they do something he doesn’t like.

    As it happens, I know afew multi-millionaires, all self made, none flah (well, except 1, who has 2 boats). I don’t have 2 beans to rub together, but I have never been talked down to or patronised as much as I have by lefties trying (and failing) to explain their idea of ‘economics’.

    I certainly don;t think them having money prevents me from having it. Indeed, 1 of them pays my salary.

    What is the problem, exactly?

  2. Jack,

    3. Corbyn knows what people want to hear, and tells it to them.

    Give ’em a soundbite, let the press lap it up, and never ever talk about the detail.

  3. @ Jack Hughes
    “Who cares?”
    *I* care. I do not want my children to have the same average income over their lifetime that I have had. I want them to have more because capitalism has increased income per head and I want it to continue to do so.

  4. A few words are missing “before taxes, benefits and fiscal transfers”. Once you take these into account the ratio is something like 4 to one iirc. This is picking data to fit the conclusion….

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