You’re nasty American capitalists and we don’t like you! Nyaaaah!

Uber stripped of London licence due to lack of corporate responsibility

About sums it up I feel.

8 thoughts on “You’re nasty American capitalists and we don’t like you! Nyaaaah!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I know that the modern Tory party is famous for its ability to lose even the most obvious of pro-Tory issues, but I hope that this once May does something different.

    I hope she does nothing.

    Londoners elected this pro-Trotskyite Islamist to office. Now he is paying off his supporters. Let him. Let Londoners suffer the consequences of their actions. Let them feel the full pain of their own preferences.

    Just as the Tories really ought to let Scotland and all the local councils impose whatever taxes they like. By making the febrile loons safe to vote for, people will vote for them. Let the voters enjoy their folly.

  2. Eh, this probably makes British people visiting London be at an even greater risk of being raped by ‘new Londoner’ gypsy cab drivers. Doesn’t seem like a good idea. Still, who cares. Push the occupiers into the sea, or just forget about the place.

  3. Fuck it. Start again and piss on all keyboards.

    SMFS–We don’t know what “Londoners” voted for since a UN of imported dross decide who gets in. It hardly matters who natives want and the entire Bliarite “elected” Mare shite needs to be halted.

    Were I PM there would be an announcement that Sadsack Khan was no longer Mare because the office had been abolished while he was still sat in it.

  4. Bad luck for anyone hoping to go “sarf of the river”. At this time of night, guv? Mind you, I had that Sadiq Khan in the back of my cab once, lovely bloke.

  5. This could actually be good news for Uber profits long term. If they have enough resources to meet all of the faux concerns (which are primarily barriers to entry) then those regs will protect their corporate profits.

  6. “Fit and proper” has always been a wishy-washy catch-all clause. When I was on licensing I always demanded concrete reasons: has he shagged a passenger, has he driven without insurance, was he drunk, did he drive through a crowd of pedestrians, has he failed to attend the licensing board because he’s pleasuring her majesty. All cases I had.

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