A modest kickstarter

You might want consider the Dawn of the Donald.

No, I don’t know either but it’s being done by a long term friend of this blog….

4 thoughts on “A modest kickstarter”

  1. “Expose and Destroy the DemoKrats” would have been a much better game.

    With “Jail for Killery” better still. The main aim of the game is obvious but more play could be had with three players 1–Killery herself 2-The Justiceseekers 3-Former friends/allies of The Kill who want her killed before she can plea-bargain by running her big fat gob and naming said allies.

    Better than Monoploy and Risk put together.

  2. Ecks could be onto something here.

    Sort of Monopoly with reverse Cluedo. You could have players as undercover plod or investigative journo. Different editions or expansion packs for different crimes or corruptions. Could be fun.

  3. I mis-spelt Monopoly as Monoploy.

    But that is great title:

    “Monoploy–a game for three players/teams each with just one clashing aim.

    Clinton–Stay Rich and Free at all costs!

    The Justice Seekers–Jail that Bitch Come Hell or High Water!!

    The Former Friends–Shut Her gob Forever before she Blabs–or rot in Hell yourself!!!”

    If only it could be in the shops for Christmas.

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