A reasonable point I think?

We are imprisoning those who broke the law. Those who didn’t break the law are not in prison. That is rather how this is all supposed to work.

There’s nothing illegal about getting things wrong. Nor is greed, incompetence, or wasting rather than stealing money. It’s not even a crime to be drunk in charge of a bank.

With reference to Mr. G Brown this morning.

3 thoughts on “A reasonable point I think?”

  1. It irks me Goodwin wasn’t made to swing from a gibbet. He may not have broken the law but the little shit was reckless beyond belief. McPlonker should have been crucified alongside given it happened on his watch.

  2. The political classes – including their tame regulators – were responsible for much of the problems of the financial crisis, both before (lack of regulatory oversight and a failure to understand what they were supposed to be doing) and after, when they were so desperate to deflect any blame from themselves that they ended up over-regulating and driving good businesses under as well as stoking unnecessary division and class hatred. McRuin himself, with his naivety and arrogance – end to boom and bust, selling the gold after telling the markets his plan – as well as his blatant favouritism of the Scots banking system, RBS and BoS (better named PoS) were by far the worst culprits in terms of reckless lending as opposed to duration mismatch, should shoulder much of the blame. He doesn’t of course, with an ego and arrogance up there with the Sage of Ely, he really does believe he saved the world as opposed to f’d it up.

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