Ah, Polly….

Who really needs an Amazon delivery at whim within hours, when a once-a-day universal delivery makes so much more sense?

The point isn’t that people get what they need and it’s most certainly not that they get what you think they need. Nor what I think they need either – I can’t see the point of Simon Cowell for example.

Rather, the point of our having an economy at all is that people get the maximum amount of what they want.

25 thoughts on “Ah, Polly….”

  1. Who needs a train every two minutes on the Northern Line when three an hour will do?
    Who needs a villa in Tuscany/Umbria when a day trip to Brighton will do?

  2. It is the classic upper middle-class disdain and snobbery for everyone else. Only in recent decades however have they managed to successfully portray themselves as the “Good guys” and not the snobbish interfering cunts they truly are.

  3. Who needs a cell phone? Surely a land-line is enough for any normal human. Cell phone/Uber/38 brands of fast food?

    Can she not see how stupidly arrogant (and ignorant) she is? Can she not imagine why variable delivery options might be a good thing?

    I do understand that she has never run a business and bases all her drivel on her own experience presumably working from home and being in all day or at least the maid will be.

    Truly a ‘let them eat cake’ moment.

  4. She is also truly the gift that goes on giving.

    She should marry the Moonbeam or would that be putting all our eggs in one basket?

  5. Who needs Polly Twatbee? That the newspaper can’t print her maunderings financially viably might be a clue here.

  6. “Who really needs an Amazon delivery at whim within hours”, said Polly, keeping a gimlet eye on the servant polishing the furniture at her holiday villa in Umbria.

  7. If a return to a monopoly provider sounds too soviet, at the very least all delivery companies should be obliged to give their drivers the same pay and conditions [as Royal Mail]. Most would go out of business.

    I bet they wouldn’t. If only because the private companies are responsive to the needs of their customers, whereas Royal Mail historically haven’t been.

    How perverse that we have a long-established network of national mail centres and delivery offices …

    Yet despite that clear cost advantage, competitors were still able to eat their lunch.

    … delivery offices (many of them now closing) …

    Creative destruction.

    Who really needs a [delivery / Tuscan villa / hot water / etc.]…

    If she doesn’t like the externalities, e.g. delivery van traffic, then she should propose specific remedies to those specific problems. But instead she starts with a solution (grant a monopoly to Royal Mail) and tries to identify all the externalities (real and imagined) that it would fix.

  8. Does she really want the revolution she seems to that will have her hanged from the nearest lamppost?

  9. If you want enhanced delivery from Amazon, you pay extra for it. It’s a choice, something the Left is broadly against.

  10. It occurs to me that the socialists are making a fundamental error. They think that the public’s reaction to loss of amenity as the result of socialism will be the same if they get into power this time (hopefully never) as it was in 1945. They think that when they do as Polly suggests (for example) and make the Post Office the monopoly delivery option, that people won’t notice the loss of amenity. In 1945 the entire population was just happy to not being shot at to worry too much about such things, plus of course they’d been suffering socialism for the previous 6 years under the War Economy so there wasn’t a great deal of change. Even so it is noticeable that the publics attitude to real austerity under Labour from 1945 onwards soon hardened into votes for the Tories to change things.

    Its rather different now, as those banning Uber are finding out. Its all very well to talk grandly about banning this that and the other, thing is these days that a lot of people are used to having the things they want to get rid of, even the ones who will probably vote Labour (because they’re stupid and/or totally ignorant as to the effects of socialism).

    Which is why I’m optimistic as to the future – the public haven’t turned into a bunch of raving Leftists, they’ve just never been educated as to what socialism means, as anyone under 40 won’t have actual experience of it. If they get it for real, they’ll be rather shocked by the consequences for sure, and unlikely to repeat their voting for the Left.

  11. Jim,

    Excellent point. People will only vote for socialism if there is strong underlying economic growth to support all the extra spending, as there was post-1945 and (arguably) in 1997. So the Tories’ electoral strategy should be to not let the economy grow too quickly, lest the socialists demand their share of the spoils.

  12. Poly et all demand monopoly shit provision for all of the things they don’t need or use. You can bet your chai seed latte that they demand top notch service on all those things they do use.

  13. “unlikely to repeat their voting for the Left”: I assume that the intention is that that won’t matter because there won’t be any more elections.

  14. Who wants deliveries at a time that suits them, rather than the time decided by the government?

    People who have to go out to work, that’s who.

    But then Polly and her chums don’t seem to think they really matter.

  15. I’m a big amazon user, have never had same day delivery. Just simply never used it. By choice.
    I do next day delivery – order Saturday evening get delivery before noon Sunday. That’s good enough for me – and royal mail don’t manage that.

    Besides, who wants royal mail delivering things when the staff there DON’T want to deliver things – they want to strike.
    Sorry, I prefer making money so when they strike I either lose some money or use one of their competitors.
    Royal Mail staff striking makes courier companies jobs much more secure.
    So why would we want royal mail to be the only provider when even the staff don’t want to deliver?

    As for politics, I have heard many times how Labour supporters are mostly younger people and Conservative supporters are mostly older people.
    Perhaps that is down to memory too – anyone who remembers the 70s and 80s or who has studied it without prejudice will be aware of the problems and the solutions.

    Things are far better now.

  16. Royal Mail has been saved by eCommerce, and they’re in a unique position to take advantage further.

    It’s really quite simple: without competitors falling over themselves to offer cheaper and better delivery services, internet shopping would not have grown so much so quickly. Royal Mail can’t survive on delivering credit card statements to the nine people who aren’t yet paperless.

    Royal Mail has gone from facing certain death, to having a viable future. It’s even back in profit. Polly may not know this, as the Groan is in a unique fiscal situation, but viable companies offer more secure employment than dead ones.

    Many take advantage of super-quick delivery, making the choice to pay, whilst a great many others go for cheaper postal options (or they use a mixture of both).

    What they need to be doing is re-shaping their business for the new reality, not worrying about Luddites amongst their staff.

    Postal providers are still (mainly) geared towards traditional mail – envelopes – and so their handling methods and costs are not yet as they should be.

    A point to ponder …. had eCommerce happened a little sooner, would we still have milk deliveries? Some providers did trial delivering mail, but that was just printed matter parcels.

  17. The Unused Testicle

    The real tragedy behind Polly’s thinking is when do you adopt her attitude?

    It may seem fine to do it now to some people, (not for me!) because they are happy with their lot. But what if she’d been in charge in the 1950’s? the 1870’s? the 12th Century?

    Only the very privileged few think that now (whenever that happens to be) is a fine time to halt progress and put up with what we’ve got. That’s why the leftards defeating Uber ought to make the more intelligent people stop and think.

  18. ‘If a return to a monopoly provider sounds too soviet, at the very least all delivery companies should be obliged to give their drivers the same pay and conditions. Most would go out of business.’

    It’s rare to see a paean to North Korea/ the USSR that is so open but I don’t see what other spin you can put on this. As Ironman often says, the vision is all about the producer. It’s the 21st century equivalent of ‘Let them eat cake’

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  20. “Who really needs an Amazon delivery at whim within hours, when a once-a-day universal delivery makes so much more sense?”

    So, instead of a few drivers working all day long, she wants the delivery services to hire a shit ton of them to work only a few hours – because we’re going to cram a full day’s worth of deliveries into a short timespan that will shoot up the peak demand of drivers massively compared to spreading them out over a longer time period.

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