And Morelands Road

And Weston.

Ken Loach laments the lack of shops for local people in Bath’s city centre. He should travel to my part of the city, where he will find not only a greengrocer and ironmonger but also a butcher, deli, chemist, post office and more, and not a scented candle in sight. See you in Larkhall, Ken.
Mike Parr

Twerton possibly.

To complain about a lack of shops for local people is a bit like complaining that art house cinemas don’t show films people want to see. Those being around the corner at the multiplex of course.

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  1. “To complain about a lack of shops for local people”


    This is a *local* shop. For *local* people. There’s nothing for you here!

  2. I wonder what Ken thinks about councils gouging those very same “local shops” in the High Street with sky high business rates? Oh, look – not may local shops any more. How did that happen?

  3. Lay off Rob. The money has to be found somewhere to subsidise Ken’s marxist shite.

    He might not be able to afford to live in Bath otherwise.

  4. It’s Bath, FFS. Don’t like it, move to Calne. Plenty of small local shops there.

    The comments about Westgate in Oxford are funny because it was mostly chain stores before. The big thing is getting John Lewis in and sprucing it up. But Oxford has plenty of local shops in places like Jericho and the covered market.

  5. If locals don’t use the shops then who does? Is Bath such a major tourist hotspot that a bunch of shops survive without locals buying?

  6. Martin,

    > Is Bath such a major tourist hotspot that a bunch of shops survive without locals buying?

    Yes, it is a tourist hotspot. It’s an easy day-trip from London. Once the tourists have gone it’s almost eerily quiet.

  7. Gamecock

    One hopes he would be the first to volunteer to be sent to Pyongyang to witness first hand the result of the policies he proposes but somehow I doubt that’s part of his plans…

  8. Moorland Road, Tim, Moorland

    I think Loach’s most recent rants about Bath hold up the idea that people who would self-describe as “liberal” and “progressive” are actually incredibly small-c conservative. Everything should be like it was in Loach’s imagined version of the past where we all lived in close communities in harmony with the trees and flowers before The Evil FATCHA arose and destroyed it all

  9. Moorland, you’re right.

    And that Edenic dawn – what, you mean before the pub in Widcombe (ie, at the bottom of Loach’s road) became a lesbian hangout? Long time ago mind…..

  10. Rob: It’s not local councils gouging shops with the rates. Rates are set nationally, and the collected money goes to UK Treasury, not to the council, so even if councils wanted to reduce rates they can’t.

    There’s some movement on this, but only in the direction of: a share of any *increase* in the rates can be kept by the council.

  11. @ jgh
    Yes, that’s part of the stealthy subsidy to Labour areas from Conservative ones introduced by Labour government.
    “Nice place here”: so notional rents will be higher than for an identical shop in the Labour-run dump over there and we’ll charge you higher rates, forcing you to raise prices or go out of business, and transfer the extra cash to my Unite pals over there.

  12. Ending charity shops not paying rates would lower rents and allow profit generating small businesses to compete.

  13. Martin,

    “Is Bath such a major tourist hotspot that a bunch of shops survive without locals buying?”

    It’s not exactly tourism. Tourism probably helps the shopping, but it’s also a wealthy place and as a result, it’s become the centre of upmarket shopping in the west. If you want some luxury shoes, it’s the place you go.

    It’s also easy to get to and compact. It’s about half an hour from Swindon by train and once you get there, it’s only about a 10 minute walk, and you can go around all the shops.

  14. There wasn’t a St. Peter’s College in 1950s.
    Pot Hall didn’t become a college until 1961
    But The Grauniad believes “Facts” are sacred, not real facts.

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