Sir, Liam Byrne says that tech giants should be adopting policies from Britain’s glory days through such things as profit-sharing and worker ownership (Thunderer, Oct 10). In this manner they can take the high road and thus benefit the wider structure of society. I would hope that the shadow minister for the digital economy would have a working knowledge of the industry of which he speaks, but there is little evidence of it. The industry already works on share options and stock grants — the very method by which the profits and ownership are shared with the workers.
Tim Worstall
Senior fellow, Adam Smith Institute

Still not managed the last letter yet though, an ambition still to be achieved.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. @ Rob
    I think that was mid-14th Cenrury when the Blacvk Prince and his archers were giving the French a kicking and the archers shared in the booty from his/their victories.
    OTOH we still had plagues, hunger, cold, poverty, sickness ….

  2. Wasn’t it Liam Byrne that left the “Sorry, there is no money left” note at the Treasury when the – nominally – lefty dullards left office?

  3. In smaller start up companies stock options etc. might be quite common. in mature IT companies not so much. The taxman made a grab about a decade or so ago, can’t remember the exact details. I speak from personal experience here.

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