Erm, what?

But energy retail is not enough – the energy company must immediately and progressively begin to bring energy generation into public hands, too, so we have an integrated system. All those windfarms should belong to us, and be making us wealthy. They are close to being a public monopoly.

There are many different windfarms owned by many different people therefore they are close to being a public monopoly?

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  1. @ Mr Ecks
    The subsidies are mostly paid by the English. There are a disproportionate number of windfarms in Scotland (allegedly more than enough to provide all the electricity used in Scotland if the wind is blowing just the right amount everywhere in the country at the same time). So nationalising the windfarms will result in most of the massive subsidies being paid by English consumers to Scottish “citizens”.
    Just occasionally, there is a lefty who is not quite as stupid as you expect him to be.

  2. There is a windmill somewhere in Sussex I believe, owned by a puffed up cvnt of a tax barrister who has no respect for democracy or the lumpen proletariat who suffer from his work in tax avoidance advice.

    That should be first target for public ownership, expropriated from him at agricultural land value only.

  3. All those farms with AD plants, all those houses with solar panels. All those medium and large enterprises with CHP engines and windmills.

    The endless possibilities for moving other people’s property into the senior lecturer’s control.

  4. All your windfarms are belong to us.

    Great way to encourage investment. “If what you build works, we’ll take it. Cos integrated system.”

  5. All those windfarms should belong to us, and be making us wealthy.

    How? Simple question. Replace ‘wind farms’ with ‘tulips’, is it any more rational?

    By what precise mechanism will wind farms make us all rich?

  6. The world’s first offshore wind farm (Danish) has now reached the end of its working life. The GPWF has an analysis of its effectiveness here.

  7. “By what precise mechanism will wind farms make us all rich?”

    You can hook up the printing presses to it. When duh wind blows, print money.

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