Government to stop breaking the law – liberals shocked

The White House will stop paying vital subsidies that offset the costs for insurers of covering lower-income people, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed in a statement Thursday.

“The Department of Health and Human Services has concluded that there is no appropriation for cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies lawfully under Obamacare,” Sanders’ statement said.

Yes, it is all a bit murky but from what I’ve seen there is at least an argument that those subsidies are illegal.

8 thoughts on “Government to stop breaking the law – liberals shocked”

  1. A huge amount that The Executive does seems to be illegal in the sense of unconstitutional. The Constitution awards only listed powers to the executive and, indeed, to the federal government. All other business is reserved to the States or the people.

    Education, for instance, appears nowhere on its lists.

  2. And Democrats are up in arms at a Republican President using Presidential Executive Orders without recourse to Congress to overturn a previous President’s Presidential Executive Orders made without recourse to Congress.

  3. I believe that the issue was settled. the (Republican) Congress sued the (Obama) Administration, and a court ruled that the subsidies were illegal. The Administration appealed, but the appeal has not yet been heard. Trump has now withdrawn the appeal, which means that the subsidies remain illegal, and he has instructed the (new) Administration to obey the law.

    Gosh, a President obeying the law. Film at eleven

  4. Lots is made of Trump reversing decisions made by the previous president. Which is pretty normal.
    Different parties, different people, different times.

    Next president can reverse this one, if they choose. Or not.

  5. Its not just an argument – Congress didn’t appropriate money for that purpose and the President doesn’t have the authority to alter the budget on his own.

  6. This morning’s news is that a dozen states are going to sue the Federal government to force them to break the law.

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