Heterosexual male photos naked beautiful women – sex involved and all are shocked, shocked

Should? Probably not but who is actually surprised?

The fashion photographer Terry Richardson has responded to the decision by Vogue magazine to ban him by admitting that his controversial working practices involve “interacting” with models in a sexually explicit way.

He spoke after being effectively sacked by the publishing giant Condé Nast International as disturbing allegations resurfaced that he had engaged in sexually inappropriate behaviour with young models during photo shoots.

Richardson – who has been accused of persuading models as young as 19 to perform sexual acts on him while taking their photograph – says he only ever engaged in consensual behaviour.

But on Tuesday he admitted he sometimes behaved in a sexually explicit manner with models during photo shoots.

Again, not whether he or anyone else should be doing this. But given what we know about human males who is actually surprised?

Which is, rather, the point being made, isn’t it? That men are like this. The difficult thing then being, well, if this is what humans are like what the fuck do we do about it? We did have a system, imperfect to be sure, a moral code and a system of societal control, but we decided that had to go.


Ms Peck, who alleges that Richardson took off his clothes and pressured her to perform a sex act on him in 2004, when she was just 19, said she feared that even now the fashion industry would fail to confront the issue of models being sexually exploited.

Now working as a freelance journalist, she said: “I don’t think fashion is ever going to change. It’s beholden to nobody.”

Ms Peck added: ““It’s not a crime, what he did. Which is part of the problem. I’ve never accused him of committing a crime, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK.

“The bare minimum of consent for not committing a crime is not a very good yardstick – like, ooh, what can I get away with?”

Quite so. Over here there’s what are crimes, over there are what we might not think is a good idea to happen but which aren’t crimes, given that consent. So, what are the rules, what should they be, over and above what is or is not a crime? I’m absolutely with the thought that consenting adults get to rub uglies as they wish. Whatever the combination, as long as consent. But still – the specific and exact complaint here is that that’s not enough. OK, so, what are the rules to be and given that they’ve clearly got to be societal, not criminal, what should they be and how are they to be enforced? Only cis and hetero and within Christian marriage obviously doesn’t cut it any more – thankfully. But now, what?

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  1. > what are the rules to be and given that they’ve clearly got to be societal, not criminal

    Why not just make it a criminal offence? (Not sure what “it” is, but hardly beyond the wit of man to draft an appropriate law, surely?)

  2. 12 years old and wondering whether to have a sex change or an abortion, carry on. 16 and think you should have the vote, ok. An adult and wondering if you should give a blowjob to get ahead at work, you’re much too young.

  3. models as young as 19

    I love this statement. AS YOUNG AS NINETEEN!!! Adult women then?

    Kids today, eh? Old enough that they should be able to get an abortion from their doctor at 13 with no parental involvement, but too young for carry on like advances from some sad twat with a camera when they are 19.

  4. Given that the fashion industry is largely run by women and homosexuals, I would have thought we’d hear more from male models.
    Perhaps they’re thicker-skinned?

  5. The scum of the left created the “Permissive ” society and now they want it all rolled back again.

    I can’t be the only one tired of all their shite. There needs to be a legal shutdown alright. A permanent shutdown of the fucking left.

  6. I have some experience of that world and it is so corrupt you wouldn’t believe it.

    For men, that is. As others have said, modern feminism is about maximising women’s sexual behaviour while eradicating men’s.

  7. Terry Richardson has been famous/notorious for riotous shoots for donkey’s years.

    Only a fool or a charlatan would be in a position to be outraged by any of this.

  8. Uncle Terry sounds like a nasty old perv but I have seen no evidence that telling him to piss off and storming out would have not have protected any young model from ‘abuse’.

    If it’s ‘not OK” don’t do it.

    Peck writes elsewhere that she didn’t remember doing anything until confronted with the photos. Yeah right, like I don’t remember eating all the pies but am then confronted with a inability to fasten my trousers.

  9. Strange though that all this rampant misogyny and sexual exploitation is all coming out from the liberal arts industries. I mean they’re all populated by the luvvies and the darlings of the Left, yet here they all are acting like a bunch of unreconstructed neanderthals.

    And oddly enough the bastions of male privilege such as the professions and heavy industry, not much of a peep. The best we can do is a lawyer saying what a smashing blouse a pretty (allegedly) woman had on.

    I fast coming to the conclusion that everything the Left accuses the Right of is entirely a projection of their failings writ even larger because they all know the Right are the nasty side, so whatever they do the Right must be worse, right?

    All those accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia etc etc is just an acceptance of thats how they behave themselves in private so their opponents must be worse.

  10. @ Jim
    Yes, but how many women are employed in mining and quarrying and heavy industry? We know the answer for below-ground work coal mining is zero.
    What we should be looking at is light industry where there are normal guys and a decent scattering of women. I’m pretty sure the answer will be much the same.

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