A senior Ukip staff member repeatedly told a black women’s rights campaigner that, while he was racist, he would still like to have sex with her, it has been alleged.

Nimco Ali, the co-founder of the group Daughters of Eve, which campaigns against female genital mutilation (FGM), told the Guardian she was disgusted by the behaviour of Gawain Towler, the party’s head of press, who made the comments to her at an event on Tuesday night.

The alleged incident happened at an event to mark the 60th anniversary of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in the City of London. Ali said Towler told her privately, then again in front of other guests: “I am racist but you’re beautiful, so I would do you.” Afterwards, she said, he followed her outside and tried to lead her away, saying he wanted to buy her a drink.

Gawain can indeed have a fairly dry sense of humour:

On Wednesday, he apologised, saying: “I am an admirer of Nimco Ali’s work, but clearly misjudged our meeting at a very convivial BBC event.

“I did say ‘I’m a racist’ but, as always, it was an ironic response to people’s kneejerk reaction on learning that I work for Ukip. I certainly did not intend to cause any upset or distress to Ms Ali and apologise unreservedly for having done so.”

He added: “Whilst I of course apologise for anything I might have done to make Ms Ali feel uncomfortable, during what I believed to a lighthearted conversation, I vehemently deny ever having used the language suggested by Ms Ali, or propositioning her in any way.”

That sounds rather more likely.

As to Gawain actually being racist perhaps someone would like to have a chat with his second wife (or, at least, I think she is, definitely mother of at least one child of his). A doctor of South Indian extraction who is as melanin enhanced as Ms. Ali. That doesn’t disprove the proposition remark of course (my own recollection from having worked with him is that he doesn’t spray the pork sword around) but might well say something about the racism point.

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  1. If “someone” has a chat with Mrs Gawain, it sounds as if a few nights on the sofa are coming G’s way. In the current febrile PC atmosphere, his remarks to an unknown quantity of the subspecies “feminazi” were bloody stupid, light-hearted or not. Stick to tonic water and leave early next time, Mr G.

  2. Another leftist try-on. They are constantly working their propaganda.

    Although this one would seem to be off the reservation. FGM? Hasn’t she had the general “Lay off the RoP , they are our (temporary) pals for now ” leftoid memo? The one that tells the femmi-freaks to text “IBLIVE HER” about evidence free 50-year old allegations against white men and suggest that the women of Cologne–assaulted 2 days before–were “unreliable” witnesses. That memo. It seems not.

  3. FoCs (Feminists of Colour) are constantly saying that ‘society’ doesn’t find black women attractive, which is why they seldom appear on magazine covers and as leads in films etc. This, of course, is a BAD THING.

    I think he was just trying to assure her that he didn’t agree with that theory, on the grounds that, like so much of modern feminism, it’s utter nonsense.

  4. Never joke with these people. Never even talk to them, unless you can see it will seed their destruction. Because that’s all they’ll do to you. And it’s not like most feminist activists are pretty or funny or have any skills that you want. Best to steer clear.

    I mean, a Radio 4 Today anniversary dinner? Is Gawain Towler that desperate for dinner and free booze to spend time with the sort of cunts that they’ll invite? There’s plenty of normal decent folks in pubs that are open to UKIP ideas.

  5. A goodly part of Gawain’s job is talking to R$’s Today Programme to get Ukipites onto the show. It’s an uphill task to be sure but it does have to be done.

  6. ‘Never joke with these people. Never even talk to them, unless you can see it will seed their destruction. Because that’s all they’ll do to you. And it’s not like most feminist activists are pretty or funny or have any skills that you want. Best to steer clear.’

    I’d echo that advice – silence is the best policy although no doubt that would be misconstrued by the Guardian. Once the Ecksian purge has been carried out we will offer her the opportunity to head back to Mogadishu or live in the UK in penury but until then keep your powder dry…

  7. “Never joke with these people. Never even talk to them, unless you can see it will seed their destruction.”

    Can only agree, although it’s difficult for poor Towler as he’s the PR guy, and he has to.

  8. Van_Patten,

    When I say don’t talk to them, that doesn’t include being polite when introduced. I’m perfectly civil with the tax man. I even offer a cup of tea. But I don’t tell him anything else.

  9. Jack Hughes, Another reason may well be that it is extremely difficult to light a very black person for photography, especially against a light background or when they wear light clothes to get the definition that fashion photography requires, hence a preference for coffee or pink skin colour on the models. Not impossible, I agree, and many fashion photographers and movie cameramen succeed. In my experience, one often gets greenish-black hues appearing …

  10. >R$

    A Freudian typo if ever there was one, given the obscene pay of John Humphrys et al, not to mention the source of their loot — extortion with the threat of prison.

  11. And native white Brits, especially male ones, being the worst perpetrators of FGM, of course (which is why the campaign is here). I’m surprised that Gawain didn’t ask her to submit to having her clitoris cut off and her vagina sewn up (reducing labia being simply cosmetic!) – he could have broken the glass he was holding to make a suitable sharp edge.

  12. @BiS

    “If she’s the daughter of Eve, she doesn’t take after her mother.”

    Cousin marriage is great, don’t you think?

  13. BiS–I literally laughed out loud. Not a figure of speech–or of any sort if the photo is a guide.

    There isn’t enough money in the world etc.

  14. Bloke on M4

    I would normally concur but I think that is part of the problem. Because most British people of a certain age are reasonably polite someone like this ‘Nincompoop’ Ali feel they are perfectly entitled to take advantage of that politeness and make increasingly outlandish demands which in their native country of origin would be treated at best with incomprehension and at worst with violence and sexual assault. Best to keep interaction to a minimum, monosyllabic interaction and general indifference. Don’t give them the ammunition.

  15. She looks more presentable in other photos. She doesn’t look much fun in any of them… but I suppose being mutilated aged 4 would do that to you.

    Have her family been prosecuted for this? If we can prosecute nonces for molesting children overseas, why not this?

    On a side note, Ms Ali was one of 7 Women’s Equality Party candidates in the last election. She stood against a female Labour incumbent. Go the sisterhood!

  16. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    On a side note, Ms Ali was one of 7 Women’s Equality Party candidates in the last election.

    Huh. I’d never heard of them before.

    It’s the usual casserole of vague “equality, diversity and inclusivity” talk, with a side dish of dead babies. Apparently women’s equality is all about killing the little ones if they happen to be inconvenient.

    Mebbe Sharia isn’t such a bad idea.

  17. Solid Steve,

    I see that the Rev Richard Coles has dressed as a woman in your photo, perhaps for a second go in ‘Strictly’?

  18. Steve – there is a link between abortion and Sharia.

    In a recent item here I think the number of abortions in the UK since legalisation was quoted as 8.7m.

    From wikipedia: “The Office for National Statistics produces annual estimates of the size of the UK population by country of birth, based on the Annual Population Survey. The estimates for 2015 show that one in seven (13.6 percent) of the usual resident population were born abroad, that is 8,570,000 people.”

    We need immigration to make up for the babies we killed.

  19. Jonathon: Gold.

    In all seriousness, East African women are the least unattractive of African women. Maybe it’s the calorific restriction. Just as their men are the most destructive to civilization. I can’t imagine why anyone would consider letting even one Somali or Sudanese in to a first world country.

  20. Bloke on M4 has nailed it. These people do not do humour, irony or self deprecation, so anything said in jest will be taken literally and offence will follow. So best to avoid giving them any ammunition in the first place.

  21. @ MC
    We DON’T need immigration – we need incentives (preferable through market pricing rather than directives) to get the involuntarily unemployed to get jobs, with some switching of the employed into jobs that become higher-paying inm order to attract more workers..

  22. “I am racist but you’re beautiful, so I would do you.”

    Gawain can indeed have a fairly dry sense of humour

    After looking at Nimco Ali’s (don’t look if sensitive) pic Gawain certainly does have a fairly dry sense of humour; or was being sarcastic after “but”.

  23. Toady are celebrating their 60th with a series of items on the differences between UK in 1957 and today, Anyone like to guess which rather obvious difference has received little attention? (Except to celebrate the life and works of Trevor Phillips.)

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