Honeybuns, you’re just not supposed to say this

A lawyer from Sweden has claimed the majority of rape cases she deals with are being committed by people of ‘a foreign background’.
Elizabeth Massi Fritz, a legal expert from Stockholm, has now called on the government to ‘lift the lid’ on the problem.
Ms Fritz claims she tried to get hold of statistics from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention to back up her observations, but was told those numbers are not kept.

19 thoughts on “Honeybuns, you’re just not supposed to say this”

  1. Ah, Sweden, the paradise of the Left…! Didn’t they recently relax rules against child sex so all their imported enrichers could keep their brides?

  2. And we all know they won’t ‘lift the lid’. In fact, they’ll nail it firmly down.

    Like they’ll nail down the coffin lid on her career.

  3. Sweden, the country that invented statistics, doesn’t keep this type of statistics any more. Irony abounds.

  4. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    So do any Swedish men still exist, or are there just going to passively let themselves be raped to extinction?

  5. It is a myth that Sweden has an abnormally high suicide rate; however I suspect that will change once someone recalculates the effect of a whole nation apparently deciding it doesn’t want to live any more.

  6. She must be a Nazi!!! (I hope she has sufficient cred for them not to do that to her)

    But seriously, does anybody doubt that???

    The figures for rape have rocketed. The establishment stops keeping racial data. And we are all supposed to believe that the blond blue-eyed man-boys of Sweden have turned into Harvey Weinsteins or worse?

    Me thinks not.

  7. Andrew M at 7:48 am

    You will however find a piece in The Guardian which announces the formation of a new music festival in Sweden with a “no males” audience policy.
    It says that it has been founded because of the explosion in sexual assaults but there’s not a word about who exactly is doing the assaulting.
    No comments allowed, natch.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Well Ironman will have trouble calling this woman a think racist prick. Being, you know, a woman and all.

    But I do look forward to seeing what terms of abuse he has for this woman because she dared to speak the truth to power.

  9. “I expect they were, once.” I think they are being kept but not published.

    Which is interesting in itself. Let’s be honest, if the figures showed that rape in the Migrant groups wasn’t way up proportionally they’d be printing it like billyo.

  10. If Sweden is happy about this behaviour, can we send the relevant sections of the male populations of Bradford and Rochdale there, as there could be no human rights objections on the grounds of for example cruel or inhumane treatment

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    “People get the governments they deserve. They’re voting for this shit, so let’s just assume this is what they want. Good luck to them.”

    Well, yes, for now.

    Its exactly this sort of attitude that led to the rise in so called anti elite populasim which the SJWs spend so much time shouting about whilst ignoring the elephant in the room.

    If they had the balls to admit it was a problem and explain how it is being fixed they might get more of a hearing. In the meantime watch out for a rise in a “far right” political party.

  12. “In the meantime watch out for a rise in a “far right” political party.”

    Never heard of the Swedish Democrats? Did VERY well in recent elections.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s not the majority of rapes that are carried out by feral Roppers in Sweden. To a first approximation, it’s all of them (that’s “stranger rapes”, not “acquaintance rapes”). Basically if some woman has been dragged off the street and raped, the perpetrator will have been some bestial caveman from Somalia or Afghanistan or wherever. A native Swede is so unlikely to have been the culprit that even looking for one would be a waste of resources.

    It’s gone so far that the only remedy at this point is either mass deportation or mass execution, or a mixture of both.

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