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Flat tax is not a serious attempt at taxation, but is instead an exercise in social engineering.

At which point Spudda has just collapsed his own taxation ideas. For he’s entirely willing, indeed insistent that, governments don’t need to tax in order to spend, only to mop up the resultant inflation. And what they choose to tax and how in doing that is entirely an exercise in social engineering.

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  1. Progressive taxation is an unashamed exercise in social engineering, it considers redistribution of wealth as being an unarguably self-evident good that it is morally right to pursue through the tax system.

  2. “Progressive taxation is an unashamed exercise in social engineering,”

    Of course, it’s pure Marxism. Ironically, the Swedish tax system is one of the least progressive in the OECD.

  3. I’m with Spudda on this one. I don’t need to eat, in order to function, only to postpone death….

  4. Aside from a few 0-rated and low-rated products, VAT is a flat tax. For it has a single, flat rate.

    Corporation tax is also levied at a single, flat rate. As are many, many other taxes.

    But he hasn’t thought that far, has he?

  5. Gedankenexperiment: UK Gov decides to levy a flat tax at a rate of 50% pr 60%. Is that a serious attempt at taxation or not?

    I think we know the answer…

  6. abacab

    The problem you have is that for Murphy a flat tax would be fine, but it would be nearer the 98/99% level….

  7. @Van_Patten

    Ironically such a level *wouldn’t* be a serious attempt at taxation cos people just wouldn’t work, or would bog off to economically-sunnier climes. Like France, heaven forfend…

  8. Wait, wait – modifying your taxation strategy to achieve particular goals (in revenues or who get taxed) is not social engineering, but flat tax is?

  9. @Niels

    It’s only social engineering when it goes in a direction he doesn’t like. Otherwise it’s not social engineering, it’s just The Way, The Truth and The Light. But not social engineering.

  10. All tax is an exercise in social engineering, with progressive taxation the most blatant. The Old Testament Tithe (which Murphy would misleadingly describe as a Flat Tax) was redistributive from the wealthy to the poor in two years out of three (in the third it was redistributive to the Priests and Levites who owned no land).

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