I don’t think so really. I just don’t think so

Amber Rudd, the home secretary, has hired the pollster Sir Lynton Crosby to help to craft her next election campaign in a move that will fuel speculation she is preparing a leadership bid.

Ms Rudd must convince Tory MPs that she can hold on to her seat at the next election if she is to emerge as a serious candidate to replace Theresa May. Her majority in Hastings & Rye fell from 4,796 to 346 in June.

She has engaged Sir Lynton’s firm, CTF Partners, to shore up her defence of the seat, The Times has learnt.

There is that matter of saving her seat of course. But as PM? Sirsly?

14 thoughts on “I don’t think so really. I just don’t think so”

  1. Whodathort Corbyn would get where he is? The Tories, on present form, might just be stupid enough. JRM seems the only sensible one currently.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    A female Home Office incompetent in fact.

    That short listing of women is really working out isn’t it? What Britain really needs is another leader promoted because of her mammary glands rather than talent. Or belief in actual conservative values.

    Still it is better than the blind judge who was making up immigration law as he went along.

  3. No obvious talent, sister of the UKs number one PR man,lobbyist and Remainiac,BFFs with Cameron and Osborne and used by them to try and assassinate Boris. I honestly can’t understand why her polling (for everything) is so low….

  4. I presume she’s trying to hold onto her seat rather than becoming PM. You’d think there’d be no chance of that.

    Then again, if the MPs have to nominate two people to be put to the membership, then it doesn’t matter if the members don’t like her much, as long as the other candidate is someone they dislike a little more than her…

  5. In order to climb to the top of the greasy pole that is politics you need to have an ego the size of the Great Pyramid, borderline NPD, and zero self awareness (Hi Tony!) so she’s well qualified I’d say.

  6. It’s time the Conservatives dumped May. The public didn’t want a Tory leadership campaign after the election, they’d had enough by then, but I think it’s time now. May, Hammond and Rudd need to go. They’re not on our side, they’re looking to water down Brexit, they’re ghastly, dull corpses at a time when we need positive, optimistic, boisterous people in charge, who aren’t scared of civil servants.

    Like Boris. He screwed up his chance of being PM after the referendum, but he’s come good again. I think he’s been inspired by the grass-roots support for Rees-Mogg to find some balls of his own. (Of course Rees-Mogg would be even better, his principles are real, but there’s no way at this stage that the MPs would put him nefore the membership.)

  7. We’ll have to be alert for gerrymandering or boondoggling. I wonder whether hastings will get that motorway to the M25 green lit soon.

  8. SMFS: “Still it is better than the blind judge who was making up immigration law as he went along.”

    See what happens when you have your eye on the ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ boxes, and no time for the ‘competence’ box?

  9. SMFS,

    Conservatives don’t have all-female shortlists. Labour’s do tend to prove your point though…

    Overall I can see one virtue of having the Conservative leader in a marginal – the tempation for Labour to throw resource at the seat at the cost of other areas would be huge. Unfortunately we need a better candidate – can we survey the other marginal MPs?

  10. My Advice, Ms Rudd:

    1) put in a bit of hard work on behalf of your constituents
    2) facilitate the Brexit they voted for.
    3) don’t be a ****.

    A hefty invoice is in the post.

  11. Engaging Sir Lynton’s firm, CTF Partners, to shore up her defence of the seat will not be cheap.

    I foresee another election spending limit breech. iirc limit is £15,000 per candidate.

    A home secretary should know this.

    “Amber Rudd, Lock her up”

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